How would your character react?


Kai would freak out

HWYCR if their significant other cheated on them ?


Winston would completely lose his shit and both want to kill someone and kill himself. Ravenna would just be like, “Whatever. You were never good enough for me anyway. You just confirmed it.”

HWYCR if they saw a little, skinny puppy dead on a road.


Aster would make a cute little grave for it and pray over the dead puppy.
Narcissus would pretend not to care and then decorate the grave.

Faith would start crying.
Hope would pull Faith away and try to calm her down.

HWYCR if their friend was about to get eaten by a giant spider?


Adara would freak out and try her absolute best to save her.

HWYCR if the ground just collapsed from under them?


Fall and let it swallow them

How would your character react to losing their parents?


Well, they already lost their parents, I doubt they would want to relive it again.

HWYCR to bird poop falling on their favorite car that they just washed?


They probably wouldn’t care, they’d just go steal another one.

How would your character react to getting their car stolen?


Buy a new one. They’re rich.

HWYCR to having their house blown up when they just pulled up the driveway?


They’d start plotting revenge on whoever planted the bomb.

HWYCR to finding a million spiders under their sheet?


poor eni would have a panic attack. :sob:

HWYCR if they were attacked?


Fight back! The unlucky bastard wouldn’t be able to walk after

HWYCR to buying two different sizes to the same shoes?


Jasmine would probably complain and give a pair to her friend Regina.

HWYCR to a crazy person on the bus?


Rachel would most likely feel extremely anxious and try her best to distance herself from the person. Her anxiety makes it hard for her to breathe and she sweats a lot, and then becomes very self-conscious for it. If her daughter was on her lap, she would shield her with her arms.

How would your character react to a homeless person asking for money?


I think Ravenna’s reaction would vary depending on her mood. On a normal day, she’d just walk away and ignore the homeless person. But if she’s suddenly feeling generous (which is rare) and has a lot of spare money on her, then she might give them some, but it also depends on her immediate and biased opinion of them.

HWYCR if they came home to see blood all over the walls and no one is home?


“Well. It looks like nobody was killed. No reason to worry. I should clean this up.”

HWYCR if they weren’t allowed to watch their favorite ongoing TV show ever again? And they were on a cliffhanger from the last episode.


Ravenna would be pissed. And she’s never good when she’s pissed. She’d probably do something extreme to exercise her privilege, using her father. I doubt he’d fall for it, though.

HWYCR if someone cut in front of them in a line that they’ve been waiting in for thirty minutes.


Narcissus - “Hey, what’s up? Do you wanna tell me your last will and testament right now or go to the end of the line?”

Aster - “Do you mind?”

Faith - Is too nervous to say anything

Hope - Stabs. “Excuse me sir, I’ve been waiting for a while.”

HWYCR if a person told them to go fuck themselves?


Ooooof, I don’t even want to know. She gets angry at even the smallest implied slight on her pride. So don’t even mention what would happen if it was said directly to her face like that. She’d go to extremes. None of which would have anything to do with physical violence…

HWYCR if they had a dream that someone they loved was killed in a car accident?


Wake up from it. Also two of my characters can’t dream, so…

HWYCR if they found out apples didn’t exist?


“Then, what the fuck have I been eating my entire life?”

HWYCR if they saw a bull running straight towards them with an angry look on its face?