How would your character react?


Scream and run

HWYCR if they found out they only had 5 minutes to live before a big meteor struck Earth


5 minutes is very little time, so she’d just do what she always wanted to do. But I can’t say, because of spoilers.

HWYCR if they tripped down the stairs? But the twist is that they didn’t fall down…their friend shoved them down, but they didn’t find out until they confessed to doing it? (#Bookreference)


Greenhopper would use her dragon vision So she could see energy waves.


Greenhopper would Regenarate


It has happend to greenhopper, She cryed and went out a changed Dragonbot (Dragon Transformer)


Happend to greenhopper only the other way around


Greenhopper Would die


Greenhopper does that already but its quite helpful


Greenhopper would Go with it nomatter how mutch she thinks Blurr is a Jerk she Would Tottally help them Be together


Jezze I dont think Bumblebee or Rodimus Prime Would do that but if it was Sarlight she Would not be surprized


she dosent need food she would just use the suns energy to make energon (She could live there forever)


Greenhopper would erase that persons memory of it happening


HWYCR if they fornd a TARDIS that needed a few repairs


They would absolutely freak out because IT’S A FREAKING TARDIS and then call a friend to try and help them fix it.

How would your character react if they were told they could visit the place they always wanted to go to but they had to go with the person the hate the most?


Ravenna would be pissed. Why couldn’t she go by herself? Her father has the money for it after all. I don’t think she’d be too bothered by having to go with the person she hates, because she deals with that person nearly everyday anyway, so she’s already used to him. But she’d be most pissed about why she couldn’t go on her own.

HWYCR if someone flipped them off randomly for no reason?


Depends on WHO does so. Is it just someone on the street or a classmate/teacher she doesn’t have much contact with? She inmediately would be paranoid that they are from Internal intelligence and they have discovered she has had rebellious thoughts and actions. Is it a friend, “What is your stupid problem mate?”. Is it an Authority figure? Refer to situation 1. Is it another rebel? “Excuse me? Do you have a problem”

HWYCR if someone on the street randomly gives him/her a book?


Greenhopper would Immeideitly sit down on the Spot (no matter WHERE she is) and Read it.

HWYCR is he/she was teleported to an Unknown Galaxy/planet


Well, my characters are getting teleported to unknown galaxies/planets every single month, so they’ll react how they always do.

By complaining. (Ranges from a few words to scattered sentences)

HWYCR if they found out their life was a lie?


Same (shes a Time traveller and her portalls moufuntion alot)

Has Happend (In my Head) she had a massive blow to the head and she forgot everything she was taken by Dicepticons and Turnd into a war masheen then the Autobots got ahold of her and told her her life was a lie…

then she had an Hour to live till she Regenerated


Honestly I think that Anastasia would just be stunned into silence and then just really pissed. Maybe drink her weight in tons Venti Unicorn Frappes as she goes on a research binge to find out the truth.

HWYCR if they saw everyone that they cared about die tragically?