How would your character react?


Chloe Claire would have Major Depressive Disorder and it would take some time before she realized that her loved ones would want her to continue living her best life, even if it is without them.

How would your character react if the one they loved most in the world went missing but no one could ever find them again?


Winston would be devestated, to the point of suicidial thoughts.

HWYCR if they were told that they accidentally pressed a button that would destroy the planet?


Ella would freak out and then risk life and limb to save the world (with the help of her bf and both of their siblings). But if there wasn’t time for that, she’d kiss her bf one last time and tell him she loved him.

HWYCR if they found out that the antagonist’s henchman was actually a semi-decent guy who was being manipulated?


Again, I honestly just think that Anastatia would be angry that the antahonists was manipulating munipulatable people who can actually be good guys. It would give her another reason to dislike the antagonist even more! She would probably end up kidnapping the henchman and recruiting them to her side.

HWYCR if the one food item they couldn’t live without was discontinued and replaced with an off-brand that tasted nothing similar to the real deal?


They would die. Because you just said that they couldn’t live without it.

See how I got out of answering this one? XD

HWYCR if they saw a plane crashing from the sky?


After it crashed, Ella would go to the crash site to help, but I f there were already humans there helping, she would stay back and let them handle it. If there was nobody around, she’d try to save any victims who survived. If nobody survived, she’d just stand there, silently mourning their deaths and probably crying.

HWYCR if they were trapped in a room with the person who loved them, and that person was badly injured?


Theon would do anything to save her, and would try to find a way out even if he couldn’t use his power.

HWYCR if they were chased by a serial killer?


Ella would turn around and pound him into the ground.

HWYCR if somebody confessed their love for your character, but your character didn’t love them back?


Victoria would cry in a corner and eat a tub of ice cream, then never get in a relationship again.

HWYCR if they found out their foil had romantic feelings for them?


She’d have the urge to throw up. But at the same time, it would explain why he tolerated her for so long. So she might use that knowledge to her advantage.

HWYCR if their best friend was ending the relationship, just because they had different opinions on politics?


She’d tell her to quit being stupid because they’re still sisters.

HWYCR if they found out a loved one purposely hurt somebody who caused your character pain?


She’d be proud. No, but seriously, she’d actually be so proud.

HWYCR if they were told that they weren’t real and they were just a figment of someone else’s imagination brought to life?


She’d laugh and tell the person they’re nuts.

HWYCR if they just found out that their favorite movie/book/song etc. has a hidden message that goes against their personal beliefs?


Chloe would be upset and would stop watching/reading/listening to the movie/book/song. She is pretty strict when it comes to things about her personal beliefs and doesn’t want to support anything that goes against it.

HWYCR if they were in love with someone they know isn’t good for them?


Block it out, like she always does when she is beginning to feel an emotion. She just shuts out the feeling and ignores that it exists.

HWYCR if their significant other suddenly told them that they were breaking up because “it isn’t working out”, even though there hasn’t been any visible issue in the relationship?


Esmeralda would definitely ask questions. But if Damien keeps refusing to answer beyond “I just can’t do it anymore”, she’ll agree to ending it but she’ll give him a cold shoulder for not giving her an explanation.

HWYCR if they realized they had a stalker?


Tell her dad. Get security guards.

HWYCR if they realized someone anonymous was sending an assassin after them?


Kill the assassin. Because they can. Character gets shot in the head. Or maybe not.

HWYCR if they realized that they were living in a story and they want to see what the real world is like so they…

Wait, scrap that.

HWYCR if they realized that they were living in a story?


First, she would refuse to believe it, but once it becomes undeniable, she’d try any way possible to manipulate me into giving her what she wants, since I’m the creator and I decide everyone’s fates and future. Would her manipulation actually work? Maybe, maybe not.

HWYCR if they were told that their life depended on their enemy choosing whether or not to save them?


She wouldn’t expect the enemy to save her considering they used to date and he’s trying to make life miserable for her.

HWYCR to chicken hatching out of their eggs?