How would your character react?


Ravenna’s eyes would just widen. Then, she’d blink. If they’re cute little chicks, she would be kind of annoyed, but would secretly find them cute at the same time. She’d get rid of all of them and probably keep one secretly for a day, just to play with it. Then, she’d give it away (unless she somehow got attached to it, which is very unlikely).

HWYCR if they woke up to their enemy hovered over their bed, watching them intensely?


It’s their enemy, what else would they do? Stab them in the eyes.

HWYCR if they saw a ghost?


Vintus would destroy it. It’s his job to destroy the undead after all.

HWYCR to being charged at by a raging bull?


For Aster, blast the bull to pieces with fire so that he can have a good meal for lunch.
For Narcissus, just run.
For Hope, use a dagger. They fix everything.
For Faith, hide behind Hope.

HWYCR if they got banned from their favorite video game for absolutely no reason?


Winnifer would probably throw a tantrum.

HWYCR if their sibling suddenly ran away from home?


He wouldn’t be too surprised or worried. He knows where she’d go, which is to Eve’s house.

HWYCR if a love letter was taped to their door?


Ravenna would read it and her reaction would vary based on who it came from. In general, she’d just take it down, crumple it up, then throw it into the trash can. She wouldn’t really care about it, but then again, it also greatly depends on who it came from.

Which character is the smartest academically?


Avery is definitely the academic one. She loves books, even though they’re reasonably rare these days. She loves school, and she loves to learn.

HWYCR if they were approached by a homeless person asking for money?


Ravenna would just leave and walk away. If they didn’t approach her, then she would be more willing to give some money. It also depends on their attitude and how they talk to her and how they look. Many factors would go into it. She’s difficult to get to and less likely to be lenient, but she may make some exceptions depending on the circumstance.

HWYCR if someone purposefully crashed into them, causing back pain lasting several weeks afterwards?


Avery would probably humiliate them in front of their peers. Maybe throw something at them, probably a dagger. It would depend if they were physically stronger than her whether or not she reacted with violence. Avery would never physically react to a weakling. Her and Kat would probably shave their hair off while they slept, if it was a bitchy female (it would totally be Kat’s idea though).

HWYCR if they were framed for shoplifting? Ex. someone slipped something in their bag?


Ravenna would be so pissed and in disbelief that she’d pull up her father and his lawyers and all that to both prove her innocence and sue the person who slipped something into her bag. But not before she gets her own personal, hands-on revenge. After that, she’ll let the lawyers and the law handle the rest.

HWYCR if they were suddenly shoved down a flight of stairs, knowing that it was someone they trusted?


Avery would naturally think that it was some kind of lesson, or that they had a valid reason. What that says about the group, I’ll let you decide lol.

HWYCR if they were drugged and woke up in a foreign country, in the middle of a busy shopping district? They have no recollection of how they got there.


Ravenna would have a million questions in mind: who drugged her, why is she here specifically, and how the heck can she can get out here ASAP?

WYCR if they suddenly woke up in bed, realizing they were paralyzed from the waist down?


Oh god. First she’d wonder if it was a side effect, then she would call for Porter, or Jules. Panic would set in. After a prolonged period, she would probably see the upside; she wouldn’t have to run anymore.

HWYCR if they were told they were pregnant (female), or told that their one-night stand was pregnant?


Ravenna would be like, “What the f*ck”, because she gets birth control shots every three months, so the chances of her getting pregnant are ridiculously low. She wouldn’t be prepared for this and wouldn’t know what to do. Winston would hate himself for it. He’d do whatever he can to help the girl. But he can barely take care of himself, how would he be able to take care of a girl and their child?

HWYCR if they were told that their friends were already dead and that they’re in ghost form?


Ha ha, I read that at first as though Winston would hate himself for getting Ravenna pregnant. Oh god, I think I’m gonna be on edge every time I read your answers :speak_no_evil: Avery would probably squint her eyes and look them over before bursting into a fit of sarcastic responses about how that would fantastic, the things they could do for her. She would not believe it, there’s too much physical interaction. She may however believe they’re undead, but that’s more likely in book two, after her experiences in book one.

HWYCR if they were told they only had one month to live?


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: Oh, man, hahahahaha. I mean, he’d hate himself 102838383838 times more if the girl was Ravenna. Oh, man, just imagine that… Actually, no, don’t. :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Ravenna would just spend her time doing whatever she wished (you can bet sleeping around would be one of them). Winston would sadly be relieved that he’s gonna die unwillingly, instead of at his own hands. He’s also gonna do whatever he wished without having to worry about it.

HWYCR if they found out that their friend was helping someone else plot their assassination?


Ha ha ha oh, poor Winston. I’m only a couple of chapters in but he seems like he needs to relieve some tension. I’d like to think Ravenna could help with that, I’m seeing a Mr. and Mrs. Smith vibe there. Sorry, to totally ruin your characters. I can imagine the thought of having someone speak unthinkable things about my characters ha ha sorry, not sorry :rofl::rofl::rofl:
Hmm. If Avery genuinely believed it… she’d stab them straight in the heart while she held their gaze. Jules would just laugh and wish them luck. Porter would give them a speech about having some fucking loyalty. He wouldn’t do anything about it, he’s not worried about his self-preservation, he’s got that handled.

How would your character react if they found out that they had another sibling? Their father cheated.


He wouldn’t be that surprised. His parents relationship isn’t that great as they’re always getting into arguments over money. And his father often leaves to spend the night elsewhere. He wanted them to work it out, so he wouldn’t be too happy with another sibling but he’d try to accept them.

How would your character react if someone threatened to burn down their house?



It’s okay, lmaoooo. :joy::joy::joy: Because I lowkey ship them (and some other readers too, lol, so it doesn’t bother me). :joy::joy::joy:

@AndRuinThePlot: Ravenna would just be like, “You sure you wanna do that? You really sure? Is it really worth a jail sentence, a shit ton of lawyers fighting your ass, and a very, very vengeful and well-respected family fucking up your life if they happen to survive your arsen? Yeah, you should really think before you act. If you wanna burn down the house, may as well kill us all in the process. Then get a life sentence in jail for it. There are consequences either way.”
Winston would just be like, “I barely even come home anymore, so if you burn down the house, you’ll burn down my mom instead. Not that I’m complaining.”

HWYCR if a small, thin puppy started following them and pawing at their legs?