How would your character react?


He would keep it. He’s already taken in an ugly stray hairless dog that gets into everything.

HWYCR if a stranger walked up to them, shoved a cat in their arms as he sadly shakes his head, and then starts to walk away?


Ravenna would just stand there and be like, “WTF”, for a second, then look at the cat (let’s assume it’s adorable), then be like, “Don’t tell anyone, but I’m taking you home. For now.” Then she’d go home and try to sneak it into her bedroom, but her father would probably catch her and be like, “What the hell have I taught you about bringing home strangers? Human strangers are fine, but feline strangers? Seriously?” Yeah, I think Ravenna’s lowkey a cat lady.

HWYCR if an owl landed on their roof in the morning?


LOL. I’d be expecting a letter. Avery would probably sit watching it for a few hours, studying it. Ingraining how it moves into her brain.

HWYCR if they found a rat nailed to their front door?


LOL. Same. Ravenna would lowkey freak out if she saw a rat nailed to her front door (she wouldn’t scream though. That’s too un-Ravenna-like). Then, she’d try to decipher if it’s symbolism and someone’s trying to say something through it. Like, is it a threat or not?

HWYCR if they saw a mouse under their bed eating cheese?


Avery would probably hang upside down on the bed watching it until the blood rushes to her head. Then, she’d slowly slide down to the floor without scarring it so that she could continue to watch it. She’d be totally embarrassed when she found herself copying its’s nose movements just to find out what it feels like.

HWYCR if they we’re handed a drink by an acquaintance, and they felt that it had been poisoned? They are currently in conversation with said acquaintance.


Easy. Ravenna would pour it slowly on their head. Then calmly walk away. If it turns out that it was never poisoned in the first place… Oh, well.

HWYCR if they saw a helicopter heading in their direction?


Ha ha ha. So true! Umm. She would know who it was. She’d let the group know, make sure she had her daggers at her hip, and a gun in her hand. Although, this is not how it happens in the book :speak_no_evil:

HWYCR if they were in class / work when the fire alarm sounded?


She’d evacuate like everyone else, while also being ridiculously calm and nonchalant, because that’s her reputation. She never loses control and if she does, it won’t be in front of anyone.

HWYCR if their house’s smoke alarm when off while they were making love (or showering if they don’t do that, lol.)


Typical! :joy: They’d give the air a sniff to see if it seemed like an actual fire. If not, they’d continue on their way until Jules or JJ knocked the door down with their fists. They’re pretty good at judging their surroundings, and it’s more likely that Alan burnt dinner. If there was a fire, they’d get dressed, grab their guns (Avery’s daggers) and work out who the f lit it.

HWYCR if an all in brawl broke out at school / the pub?


If it’s just some random strangers, Ravenna wouldn’t care and would just walk away, because she ain’t got no time for that crap. If it was Winston, she’d face-palmed and be like, “Gosh, what happened now?!” If it was Winston reacting to a random brawl, he’d try to break it apart, but before long, he’d be part of the brawl too. :joy: Griffin would be super worried and afraid for the people in the brawl. Draven would dash out of there like he saw a ghost.

HWYCR if they found out their friend was being bullied?


Ha Ha, I love Draven’s reaction. If Kat was being bullied, Avery would conspire with her to torment the bully/ies with humiliation and pranks such as gluing their hands together while they slept. If it was the others getting bullied, she’d grab the popcorn. They can handle themselves.

HWYCR if they were being pranked hardcore but couldn’t work out who it was?


Lily would be mostly chill about it, but be provided with plenty of entertainment as Nicole did intense sleuthing to figure it out. Once Nicole figure it out, Lily would still be chill and not want to do anything. Nicole would start working on revenge pranks.

HWYCR if they got cancer?


“Welp. Now I can go join my brother.”

HWYCR if the sun suddenly burned out and they could still live?


Char would just create a heat and light source using her power, sharing it with whoever should could.

HWYCR to meeting another version of them from another dimension?


Lon does that and it ended with his friend being murdered. Roy and Other Dimension Roy would brainstorm on how to get rid of Manny. Then they’d deal with why the other one is there. Haha.

HWYCR to someone asking to borrow a pen and never giving it back?


Revenge plan time!

HWYCR if a close friend shoved them off a flight of stairs and they are now paralyzed as a result?


Um…they’re paralyzed. Can’t really do anything except for summon a bunch of demons to murder that “close friend”.

HWYCR if their computer crashed during an epic game they were playing with friends?


Griffin: “Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!”

HWYCR if they were told that they were already dead and that they’re a ghost?


He would assume the person is lying. But then consider maybe he’s been in purgatory the whole time.

HWYCR to learning a violent wind storm is on the way and houses might lose electricity?


shrugs “I’ll just… Sit in the candlelight. And bring a guy over.”

React to: “I don’t like your new friend. They’re very fishy.”