How would your character react?


“Yeah, my new friend’s a fish. You like him?”

React to: memes


(Whoops. This is HWYCR, not Character Reactions. Sorry about that.) Ravenna would just be weirded out by them and ultimately conclude that they’re stupid. Griffin would live for them.

HWYCR if they saw a whale walking to their front door?


Percy would probably talk to it and find out why the whale’s walking. (He can talk telepathically to marine animals).
He’d definitely be very sarcastic about it as well.

HWYCR if they were so scared, they peed their pants?


Probably…run and say it wasn’t them (it’s just water!).

(@RavensOfOld oof, I just do whatever the person above me does. So yeah, I won’t be the one noticing these mistakes…)

HWYCR if they learned that buried under every cherry tree was a corpse?


Ravenna: goes around town, looking for cherry trees, sadly finding none. “Ah, dammit.”

HWYCR if they saw a UFO hovering over their roof?


“The heck…this is a major breakthrough for the human race! Let’s shoot it down!” Shoots UFO down with fire magic. “Oops, I think I blew it up.”

HWYCR if deer grew hooves from their heads? (Didn’t they in prehistoric ages though? Or is that just my strange imagination?)


Aslan : “that thing looks super weird. Please get rid of it. Please get it away from me. What the heck! don’t call it over! AHHHHHHH! GOOOOO AWAYYYYY!” Running and screaming through the small forest.

HWYCR if they drove over a dog in the streets?


He’d be freaked out, Google the nearest vet, and take the dog there. Which would annoy Manny because if they were in a car, they clearly had someplace he wanted to be. Haha.

HWYCR to seeing someone in the window of a two story house, holding up a sign that said ‘HELP’?


Ravenna would call 911 calmly and act like she doesn’t care (and she probably doesn’t). But she has enough decency to get help if it’s needed.

HWYCR if they heard their best friend in their parent’s bedroom, whispering?


Shrugs and leaves. “Probably just discussing my lack of existence…”
*Runs back a moment later and slams the door open. “Oh, I was right. They were discussing my lack of existence.”

HWYCR if everyone around them dropped dead at the exact same time?


“If this is a fucking prank, it’s not funny!” And once she realizes it isn’t a prank… 911.

HWYCR if they saw a goat having intercourse with a dog?


“. . .”
“. . .”
“. . .”
“Well that’s mighty normal!” Proceeds to call animal control.

HWYCR if fish learned to fly and birds learned to swim? (Trick question)


“This may sound like a song lyric but, The fish are flying and the birds are swimming!!! It’s a new era.”

HWYCR if their kidnapped and then forced to marry a dog.


“…this is the bizarre event, that would happen in my future…or…I’m dreaming, I don’t know which one.” pinches self “ow, no still awake. Also I’m really not a dog, but I have a friend…who…um…might be able to marry you, let me go get him!” tries to walk away from kidnappers but fails
“But I do! He…um…may just not like me telling him that…he has to marry a dog.” stares at dog who is lying on the floor and is asleep
(also @Eternal_Foxglove and @RavensOfOld I am going to assume we are now making the responses be like this?)

HWYCR if they were trapped inside a genie’s lamp?


“Oh come on, where’s the actual genie? But it’s not bad in here, could use a little air conditioning.”

(And I have no idea. Are we the only people actively playing this game now?)

HWYCR if their entire house was taken apart and hauled away by random people and they never gave it back?


Ravenna would be livid if they even began taking a small chunk of her house apart, much less taking the whole thing down with no reason. It wouldn’t have gone that far, because she and her father would’ve killed those people before they even got the chance to leave with a small chunk.

HWYCR if their sibling confessed to the murder of their best friend?


Character: “But I have no friends except for you.”
Sibling: “Exactly.”
Character: “. . .”
Sibling: “. . .”
Awkward silence. (No this probably will happen in my story.)

HWYCR if they woke up one morning to find they were the only human left on earth?


Sit down and ponder how he became human again. Before realizing he should probably go see what happened to everyone else.

HWYCR if they were suddenly transported to ancient Rome?


Initially, slightly irritated and freaked out. Then, upon getting past her initial shock, would be like a kid in a candy shop as she tried to observe and learn about every part of ancient Rome’s culture, architecture, etc.

HWYCR if they woke up in the middle of the night with a dog they’d never seen before sitting on them, with the dogs face directly in front of their own?


Mephiles: “…get off of me your creature, before your stupid laziness costs your your legs…I’m not kidding, you better hurry before those ears of yours become my next flesh specimen for testing something…I’m serious…GET OUT ME YOU SICK TWISTED UGLY FREAK!!!”

HWYCR if they suddenly were as small as woody doll in toy story?