How would your character react?

“Oh my goodness, now I can murder people more easily and it’ll be fun!” :smile:

HWYCR if they found out that their grandparents died on their birthday?

Ravenna would be shocked and betrayed that her father never told her this. Like, sure, he refuses to tell her anything about her grandfather, but he could at least have told her if he died on her birthday. It would just spark her curiosity and desire to rebel for once behind his back to figure out the family secret.

HWYCR if they were told that they had exactly a week left to live?

Tyr: Huh, only a week eh. Heh, guess now I have no obligation to hold back on anything, hah! Who is ready for the most exciting week the world has ever seen, yo!

HWYCR if they accidentally spilled wine on someone’s shirt.

They would say they were sorry.

HWYCR if they missed their bus and the next one won’t come until an hour later?

Jasmine would drive her Jeep to school. If that didn’t work, she’d call her buddy George who always takes the bus. George would pull a few strings.

HWYCR if they knew who the next president was going to be?

Tyr would probably be giggling at the chaos that happens while Mephiles tries to understand how such a world can function in such a stupid way to him.

HWYCR if they get a 0 on an important test

“Screw this. Screw this school. Screw my life. Screw everything.”
(And then you see a figure falling from the top of a building).
Don’t worry, he’ll be fine.

HWYCR if they accidentally spilled coffee all over their brand new computer?

Joachim would cuss like a sailor for a while and then give it to his friend Milas so he could fix it for him.

HWYCR if their roommate took home a homeless person and cooked dinner for them?


Not care.

And then a few weeks later they find out that their food rations have been depleted so much so they start yelling at their roommate.

If this continues their roommate is getting kicked out.

HWYCR if they found a bunch of dead frogs sitting on their doorstep?

Jasmine would freak out for a moment. Once she calms down, she’d bring them back to life.

HWYCR if they won the lottery only to find out 15 other people also won?

He’d be okay with that. Manny wouldn’t and would silently get rid of the other winners.

HWYCR to know one remembering their birthday?

She’d be surprised depending on who forgot. If it was her best friend she would be upset… if her boyfriend, well…it would sorta be expected.

HWYCR if they someone close to them suddenly cut off all ties with them?

She’d wonder why, but she wouldn’t be surprised. She’s been treating people like shit since day 1 and if they decided they had enough, then she shouldn’t be surprised. She’d just wonder, “Why now? Why not earlier? Why not later?”

HWYCR if they were paralyzed and could never walk ever again?

Navy would probably lose her mind because sports are her life, but Max would be sorta apathetic about the whole thing like he is about most things.

HWYCR if they received an F on a test they studied like crazy for?

Ravenna would be pissed, but above all else, she wouldn’t believe it. She’d bring it to the teacher and tell him/her that they made a grading mistake. She just wouldn’t believe it. It’s not possible.

HWYCR if the person they loved with all their heart hated them?

Wayne doesn’t really have anyone he cares about that much, but he’d prolly be like “screw you, m8”

HWYCR if they realised they were drinking piss, not lemonade

Mephiles would immediatly spit it out, rant for a few minutes, before finding whoever was the goofball that served it to him and give him a piece of his mind, or just leave the guy in pieces.

HWYCR: If they lost a bet that would make them do something they found embarrassing?

Ravenna would never join a bet unless she was certain she’d win it. And she’d never join a bet if the consequence was in any way embarrassing, so if she ended up getting caught up in this situation, she’d just wanna kill herself for her stupidity.

HWYCR if they saw a puppy eating a bunny alive?

Lucius would feel saddened as he watches the bunny die. He would turn away and shed a tear. He would remind himself that it’s in the cycle of life.

HWYCR if they found out that their best friend or someone they’re close to was hiding a secret about them having wings? Like, how would they react if they found out someone close to them secretly had wings?

Jaron probably would laugh his head off at how ridiculous the image was and get that out of his system before going to talk to the friend about it support them.

HWYCR if they accidentally spilled some stain making juice on someone’s white blouse?

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