How would your character react?


Die from embarrassment

HWYCR if they found out their friend was an undercover star?


Kaelina would obviously keep the secret but she would drop out of college to be their full time Manager and also take the luxury of touring the world for free.

HWYCR if they found out that their mom and best friend’s dad are dating?


He’d only be surprised because his best friend’s dad seemed to be happily married. He wouldn’t want them to continue dating but he’d know he has no say in it.

HWYCR if someone they recently meet started acting possessive towards them?


Ravenna would play it cool in front of them, but behind the scenes, she’s plotting revenge. She won’t let them take advantage/control of her.

HWYCR if someone they loved called them “evil” and “disgusting”?


Helen would leave and only come back days later

HWYCR if someone called them a pessimist?


Scarlet would yell at them for not saving someone from dying and go, “Oh so the time I almost died didn’t seem like enough reason to give up your secret?! Instead I had to get three quarters of the skin on my arm replaced! And you could’ve save them! You aren’t fit to be member of this team. Forget about ever talking to me again if you like being alive.” Then possibly forgive them later if they had a really really good reason.
HWYCR if they killed someone close to them by accident or otherwise (Close emotionally, not necessarily physically, but I suppose both would be essential)


Quincy would mourn for years and not be able to get over it because he gets very emotionally attached to only a few people and when he does there is no way to break that bond.

HWYCR if they were getting ready to bungee jump but got pushed off by their friend.


Most likely beat them up after they get done.

HWYCR to dreaming the death of a friend?


I actually had this in a chapter, but yeah, Jaron doesn’t take it well. He gets pretty bothered and tries to not bring it up and just convince himself it’s just him worrying too much about it and letting it get to his head.

HWYCR: if they were invited to a party where someone that didn’t like them was going to attend to?


Even if Kenny wasn’t going to attend the party, Tai wouldn’t want to go anyway. I’m sure Mai would find a way to drag him there though.

HWYCR if they woke up and their bed was drifting in the middle of the ocean?


Roxanne would immediately try to find her best friend, then her phone (to video it), then her phone (to call for help). Yes, in that order. She’d probably thrash around in panic, so much so that the bed ends up drowning or something.

Claire will just fly away, no biggie. She’s got wings, yo.

HWYCR if they found a dragon?


Tai would be very cautious and hope Mai was near him so he could trap her in his force field barrier before she gets them both dead. lol

HWYCR if they were taking a really important test but needed to poop really bad?


Just sit it out and focus on the test. She won’t allow this one moment of pain to take away a future good test score.

HWYCR if they found out their lover was cheating on them with their sibling?


Colton would get all protective over his 13 year old sister if any lover his age (18) or slightly older all of a sudden revealed they had been seeing her on the side. Someone would probably leave with a busted lip.

HWYCR if a strange voice that sounded just like their crush started speaking to them in their head as if it were a second conscience?


Sophie would scream and faint and/or go crying to the nearest doctor. Maybe call her crush, and tell him to shut up.

HWYCR If your character saw someone hanging off a cliff?


He would try to climb up the side of the cliff and push the person up or carry them down to safety rather than pulling them up from them top

HWYCR if they noticed someone left their team steeping too long?


She wont care cauz she doesnt work on teams

HWYCR if they where about to be flung of a cliff?


Make sure the person flinging them goes down too.

HWYCR to someone who constantly gets your character’s name wrong?


Theon would be like ‘really? Like, really? I’m the CEO of the world’s largest company and people can tell that I’m a superhero under my mask but you can’t get my name right? Seriously?’ and he would just constantly correct them

HWYCR to a long lost friend showing up suddenly?


I can say this does happen, and when it does for Ciecro he literally tears up and just loses composure, considering he’s normally a composed person since he’s older now. Just overcome by seeing this friend again.

HWYCR if they were late to a class by almost half and hour?