How would your character react?


Joachim would try to sneak into the back of the classroom and pretend that he’s been there all along.

HWYCR is the forgot to get their best friend a birthday gift?


Honestly, not a big deal right now. She never did the birthday gifts thing so she would be very surprised if others got her gifts–the apologize profusely to her bff for not knowing and almost cry

HWYCR if their crush/friend gave them a teddy bear on valentines day


My character saved said bf’s life that is enough

HWYCR to being mind controlled


More than likely, Mephiles would first try to assess in his mind how whoever is controlling him is doing it. Once that’s done by examining the methods and abnormalities going on he can then try and deduce a means to counter it. Once he has a game plan, he might do a few things like wait to see if he can get an idea who is doing it, immediately work on dispelling the controller, try and get a better understanding of the connect, allow them to resume if he hasn’t been found to have a counter and see what they are after.

HWYCR if they got a lead role in a play the didn’t know they auditioned for?


Haha, if Del got put in that situation she’d just cross out her name next to the role with a black marker and go on about her day as if nothing happened. Even if she were told that she had to perform she’d shrug and not turn up.

HWYCR if they’re dad suddenly got charged with something horrific like… I don’t know like running over a prostitute then backing up again for good measure?


Ravenna would just be shocked. She knows her father has been involved in not so good things, but there’s a line that she knows he wouldn’t cross and that includes running over a prostitute.

HWYCR if they were told they would spend the rest of their life paralyzed?


He would cry, pretend to be good, but cry. Because he would know feel useless to the rest of the team (dang that was a good one)

HWYCR if they found a lost child?


She’d Google the appropriate course of action. If it doesn’t take too much time or effort, she’d do the suggested thing with no qualms. If it takes a lot of time and effort she’d still do the “right thing” but with a bad attitude.

HWYCR if they accidentally killed a man, but with there were zero witnesses?


Dilna would freak out, and turn herself in to the police.

HWYCR if they needed spare change when they were out shopping? (but they didn’t have any)


Good question. Miko would check in will all the resources she has with her, and then decide on what plan would work best. She would decide to rely on her friend who is a thief

HWYCR if they accidentally stepped in a hole and tripped


Jaron would probably fall onto his nose, curse a little as he rubs the wound, kick the hole a little, and resume on his way.

HWYCR if they were pushed into a pond from a dock?


Jasmine would be pissed and would also cry.

HWYCR if a bee stung them?


Ravenna would be pissed, but try not to make it too obvious, so she’d end up looking passive aggressive.

HWYCR if their favorite fictional character died in a tragic way?


Harley wouldn’t react at all. She guards her emotions very carefully. But, she might take it out on someone else later in the day, she’s just that type of person.

HWYCR if they fell and gashed their leg?


Jasmine would cry and scream a few cuss words. After a few minutes, she’d use her powers to heal her leg.

HWYCR if their entire family died?


He kills them so. .

HWYCR to their favorite show being cancelled early?


They would be devestated.

HWYCR if they lost their keys down a drain?


She would cry out trying to get them as they fell. Then she would calm down and try to find some way to open the drain to get them back. If they are lost forever, she would go about getting replacements.

HWYCR if someone hid their phone and it was probably dead by now?


If it was anyone but Manny, he’d say it’s fine and give them the attention they clearly want. If it was Manny, he might curse him out and throw things at him.

HWYCR to a hairdresser/barber butchering your character’s hair?


Axelia would get mad as hell and her stylist would get mad and never hire that hairdresser again. Then they would try some way to fix it so she still would look presentable to the Royal house.

HWYCR if they went on a roadtrip with his friends and run out of gas, how would they get money for gas since they didn’t have any to start with?