How Would Your Character React?

I think you know how this works. One person posts a situation, you reply, post a new situation, etc. You can just say “They would do this” or you can make it fun by writing a short scene.
I’ll start:
How Would Your Character React (you can use HWYCR in future posts) if they were betrayed by their best friend?

@Gugus4682 (they say that roleplaying is not allowed…sorry …I just learned that roleplays were not allowed or chatting as characters from a friends…sorry)

Hey so I changed it because I’d forgotten about that rule, plus I wasn’t sure if this applied. So now it’s a “How Would Your Character React?” thread, check the first post for the current question. And you can deleted the post I’m replying to now.

Emmett would be torn and heartbroken, and probably extremely angry.

HWYCR if they realized they would die in the next twenty four hours?


Isaac would probably have a slight breakdown as he’d realise he wouldn’t be able to save his love, and would then either attempt to save her in 24 hours, or just spend as much time with her as he could.

HWYCR if they became allergic to their favourite food?

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Emmett would have a heart attack - he accidentally started a snickerdoodle cult and now he can’t have them. D:

HWYCR if they saw a spider in the shower?


Omg i love the idea of a snickerdoodle cult. . .

Isaac’s first instinct would be to squash it, especially if it gave him a fright, but he’d probably try to leave it alone and then remove it once he had (very hastily) finished showering.

HWYCR if they found out they could become invisible for a day?

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Owyn would use that to his advantage for his thefts, and stock up on food and other things.

HWYCR if they found out they were a wizard?

Emmett would laugh and walk away pre-god stuff. Post god-stuff, he’d be a little more open to the idea.

HWYCR if their closest friend died unexpectedly?

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Virago would be devastated. Calinaigh is like a sister to her and she was the one who delivered Virago’s kids. The Sins saw her as their aunt so they’d be depressed, too. :frowning_face:

HWYCR if they were framed for something they didn’t do?

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Emmett would try to remain level-headed, unless the claim was so outrageous that he’d laugh at it.

HWYCR if they were caught singing in the shower?

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Owyn wouldn’t care. He’d be grateful to even be showering.

HWYCR if they were attacked by a dangerous animal?

Emmett would try to remain calm and use his powers to subdue it or try to keep it away from him.

HWYCR if they discovered they had the powers of a god?

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Name: Steve (Male)
Age: 15
From: Washed by the stars (Stargate fanfiction)
At this moment in the story he would probably fall in to enourmous depression and possibly because of that he would not do anything. Locked in his room, not eating, barely drinking water. He wouldn’t care about survival and would honestly probably die. Yeah. He is in a bad spot, anything like that would easily pushed him over the edge.
I couldn’t really make a scene, because he is alone and has no friend as of now :slight_smile:
HWYCR: If he suddenly see a dead body of a stranger rise as a zombie?


Kill it, kill it immediately. Isaac has been raised to pretty much smite anything even vaguely daemonic on sight, and I think zombies would definitely come under that!

HWYCR if they found a strangely friendly stray cat?


Owyn would adopt it. He lives on the streets, the cat lives on the streets, he would understand it.

HWYCR if they accidentally ate something poisonous?

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Since Patty is a horse she would gag and then not be able to throw up so she’ll kick at her belly, roll around, and nearly die. If she survives, she won’t want to talk about it ever again because her master got food poisoning once because he foolishly ate some rotten ham. It would be embarrassing for her to do a similar thing.

HWYCR If they went to a comic con?


If it is their first time going I think they would be super excited especially if they see their favourite actors talking on a panel of a movie that they are a huge fan of.

HWYCR: If they found out that they had a limited time left to live?


Bella would be really shocked, then would hang her head and stoically take whatever came next. She would handle it pretty bravely and well, actually. However, she would become reckless because Bella would think “I’m gonna die anyway what the heck” in missions.

HWYCR: If they realized that a stray dog was following them?


Dang it that’s really similar to another question on this thread