How would your charcter answer these questions?

Hey guys! For some reason, I really enjoy thinking about and answering really random questions about my characters. It helps me get in their heads more and workshop them. So I’m gonna leave some random questions for you to answer keeping your characters POVs in mind. If your characters are speculative, fantasy, sci-fi, or historical like mine you can skip or just have fun and try to imagine your character in a modern setting for more modern questions (i.e. favorite song).
If you want to do more than one character of yours, feel welcome to!
Also, feel free to suggest questions to add, and ill keep editing new questions into the post. We’ll start off short.

Here we goooo

Favorite Song
Favorite Food
First line of Dialogue
What three things would they bring to a desert island?

I’ll go first!

Name Aiden Magnus Payne
Profession Just to keep things simple, I’ll say cowboy, but tbh it’s a loaded question
Favorite Song Turbine Blue by Seekae
Favorite Food Probably a really dope burger.
First Line of Dialogue “Revolting? Which one of us is revolting?” :joy:
What three things would they bring to a desert island? Aiden would probably bring three packs of jerky and eat them all within his first 10 minutes there while telling everyone how prepared he was to start rationing.


See above

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Name: Let’s just go with Amneris. My real name is over the top complicated

Profession: I would say Queen but a lot of people will tell you that I’m a psychotic murderer so I think that’s a matter of opinion

Favourite Song: You know, I don’t think I have one. There are just too many that I love.

Favourite Food: Same answer as the last question.

First Line of Dialogue: “Of course, I did. What else am I supposed to do when I sleep?”

What three things would I bring to a desert island? Me, myself, and I

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Ooh that sounds interesting tbh I love Bollywood

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Name Ruava Soule
Profession Soldier
Favorite Song The Cranberries - Zombie (Although you wouldn’t think so if you met her.)
Favorite Food Her mother’s chicken stew.
First line of Dialogue “In 3…2…1… Spar!”,
What three things would they bring to a desert island? Her two best friends, Erik and Beatrice, and a boat.

Oh no now Zombie will be stuck in my head for like a month

She sounds interesting!

The song will be stuck…
in your head?

I want to hurt you the same way you’ve hurt me. :joy:

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Name: Aten-Re. My friends call me Assar

Profession: Prince of Egypt. I am also a babysitter in a way. My twin, Amneris, is always getting into trouble that I must get her out of.

Favourite Song: I have a favourite song but do not know what it is called. Amneris will not tell me.

Favourite Food: I do not have a favourite food

First line of dialogue: “You are thinking again. You get a crease right there when you think.” He pressed a finger between my [Amneris’] eyebrows as he spoke.

What three things would I bring to a desert island? Food, water, and my sister. Wait. If I bring my sister, she can just teleport us off the island so food and water would not be necessary…

Ooh! Ancient Egypt, I’m guessing? That’s a cool setting!

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It switches between there and another planet called Lyriumia

Huh, that’s pretty interesting! I’ll have to check it out.

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That particular book in the series isn’t up yet :sweat_smile:

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oop well i’ll keep an eye out!

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Hopefully you will enjoy it :slight_smile:

Name Agnes Miller, but everyone calls me Red
Profession Doing whatever I want
Favorite Song The sound of the cicadas outside my window on a hot summer night
Favorite Food Fried green tomatoes
First line of Dialogue “Gladys?”
What three things would they bring to a desert island? My gun, because a woman without a gun is always in danger. My fishing pole, because I might finally be able to spend all day fishing. And Lottie, to keep me from going insane.

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Name: Nikolai. But please, just call me Nick.

Profession: None at the moment and I don’t plan on working any time soon. I mean, I am an heir to a real estate agency if that counts for anything.

Favorite Song: … I don’t listen to music… Alright, fine, that’s a lie…

Favorite Food: Fettuccine alfredo. It’s so good. Give me some and I’ll love you forever.

First line of Dialogue: “No. If he was, you’d know.”

What three things would they bring to a desert island? I know she’s not a thing, but all I need is Addy. What was that? People don’t count? Well, that’s cruel, don’t you think? Fine… Food. Water. Can I please bring Addy? Fine, fine. Food, water, and a good book. Well, I don’t know. Just a good book. Why are you so demanding?

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Yaas I’d eat fried green tomatoes with Agnes

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Strong voice!

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