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Hi! It wasn’t listed, but I’m opening an editing shop and would love to have something like you used to explain the terms of this cover shop for mine. If you don’t or can’t do that, it’s completely fine.
Just in case, here is some info that would be important.

Name of Shop: Way Too Wonderful Edits
Services Offered:
Editing for-
Sentence structure, dialogue, missing words, and overall flow
Payment Required:
Either (a) A permanent follow and credit for each chapter edited
Or (b) Credit for each chapter edited & at least (2) genuine comments on one of my stories.

And, for my Critique Shop (again, if you cannot or do not want too, it’s no problem!)

Name of Shop: First Order Critiques
Services Offered:
Critiques for-
Chapter by Chapter [Weekly]
Entire Book [Once]
Payment Required:
Either (a) A permanent Follow
Or (b) (2) Genuine comments on one of my stories

Anything Else- I want to thank you in advance even if you are unable or unwilling to help [B/c Potterheads must stick together! DA!]

Password: Slytherin & Fav color Green


Hi! Could you possibly find my profile on Wattpad and PM me? I have some questions before I start:) and I cant find your profile:( or I would have messaged you lol


Just did c:




I hope you like them! If you’d like any changes made, please PM me.
(I LOVE repeat customers <3)


I absolutely adore these!


Could I request another set of chapter headers? I don’t mind waiting.


Title: 1990

Chapter Numbers: Prologue + Chapters 1-15 + Epilogue

Image/Inspiration/Theme: So, My cover is here so, I was hoping the chapter header could be something dark, maybe handwritten word brush strokes. the colors I would like white, red, black, and greys. You never fail to amaze me so go all out with it. It’s war themed btw.

Face Claim: N/A

Additional Comments: Thanks so much!

Password: Ravenclaw




I hope you enjoy these! I enjoy working with you:)


I enjoy requesting from you. (: Thank you, again!


Title: Experimented
Author: Keenan Cameron
Mood: Scared to excited
Genre: BXB
Ideas: Two boys in love and that have scares and are growing close but have to run from the government idk One of the boys with white hair and idk about the other
Additional comments: Here’s the summary
Two boys are giving powers they are able to do impossible things and they are used by the government for things the boys finally are doe with the government and break out and are on the run.


Hello, image
Title: Bitch 2
Subtitle: GeneDelta Series Book 2
Summary: A kidnapped young woman being transformed (into a dog), escapes a genetics lab and must survive in the wilderness while evading her captors who want her back at any price. She is joined on her journey by a deadly apex predator (a wolf) who may be friend or foe.
Mood: dark dangerous snowy cold technology mountains, hard science
Genre: Sci-fi blend but has were- aspects and is written in 1st person (both the girl and wolf)
Password: Ravensclaw
– Thank you.




If youd like any changes made, please PM me.
Please dont forget the payment:)


Chapter Banners

Title: The Lost Children Of Saturn
Chapter Numbers: 80 :pensive: (I feel bad for making you do so many)
Image Inspiration/ Chapter Theme: The planet Saturn.
Ideas: The planet Saturn in the background with a blend of galaxy colours like purple, pink and blue mixed in the background. The title font should be futuristic.
Face claims: None
Additional Comments: Can I have two different types of banners but with the same background. The first banner is for each chapter. The first banner will just have the title on it. I want the second banner to be something that I put at the end of the chapter. So, the second one would have the title on it, my username and say ‘vote, comment and share’ can it also say ‘thank you for reading’ or ‘hope you enjoyed the chapter’ whichever one looks better. Thank you in advance I know I’m asking for a lot.
Passwords: I have never seen a Harry Potter movie in my life. Sorry!

Character Banners
There are 9 characters in my story, so I’m going to fill out 9 different forms.

Character 1
Actor/Face claim: Chris Pine
Character Name: King Escalus
Quote/Text underneath: When they’re done with you, you still have to deal with me
Mood: Gold (he’s a king) something that shows his power and dominance
Genre: Fantasy/ Science Fiction
Ideas: Can you find a picture of him where he isn’t smiling and looks really serious?
About the character/places you want included: Maybe a background of a throne or a big golden palace, I don’t really know.
Additional comments: I’m giving you a lot of freedom with this one.
Password: I still haven’t watched Harry Potter.

Character 2
Actor/Face claim: Any mythical creature that looks like this or worse.
Character Name: Leonardo
Quote/Text underneath: Your power is your value to the stars.
Mood: Very dark and scary (he’s the villain)
Genre: Fantasy/ Science Fiction
Ideas: If you could find a picture of some creature like this screaming or shouting and showing fangs that would be amazing.
About the character/places you want included: Can the background be in some dark, foggy forest and its very important for you to include a bright star somewhere in the sky, make it noticeable, please.
Additional comments: If you can’t find a picture its okay, you don’t have to do this one.
Password: Should I watch Harry Potter?

Character 3
Actor/Face claim: Thomas Kuc
Character Name: Jacob
Quote/Text underneath: He didn’t break me, he made me stronger
Mood: kind of sad and spooky
Genre: Fantasy/ Science Fiction
Ideas: Him looking away (like when you take a photo not looking at the camera) with a straight face
About the character/places you want included: The background could be just smokey, to show how lost he is
Additional comments: If the smoke doesn’t look good, chose something yourself, I trust you. Also, he has telepathic powers I don’t know if you could include that by like putting lighting bolts or something by his head.
Password: There are a lot of Harry Potter movies I have to watch if I start now.

Character 4
Actor/Face claim: Ice Cude
Character Name: Le’andre
Quote/Text underneath: I only guide them as they protect their world.
Mood: Dark, mysterious
Genre: Fantasy/ Science Fiction
Ideas: He’s looking back as if being cased by something
About the character/places you want included: Maybe a background of a worn out buildling, the walls of the room are brown.
Additional comments: He has to have on that signature Ice cube look.
Password: Maybe I should just read the books instead.

Character 5
Actor/Face claim: Cameron Boyce
Character Name: Teo
Quote/Text underneath: You won’t even see me coming, literally
Mood: More uplifting and fun than the other ones
Genre: Fantasy/ Science Fiction
Ideas: He’s smiling
About the character/places you want included: The background could be an alleyway with graffiti
Additional comments: His superpowers is invisibilities, that might be hard to incorporate.
Password: Is there a super detailed summary of Harry Potter I can read?

Character 6
Actor/Face claim: Dylan O’Brien
Character Name: Nathaniel
Quote/Text underneath: the trick to being smart, is knowing when to play dumb
Mood: Happy and with a blue tint
Genre: Fantasy/ Science Fiction
Ideas: Can he be leaning on a table or something like in this pic while looking back?
Pronounced: (Tay-o)
About the character/places you want included: The background could be a library or coffee shop.
Additional comments: His superpowers is super strength, you can show this by having a coffe cup or something off to the side of him thats crushed.
Password: Griffidor or something like that. I only know that because of the people before me.

Character 6
Actor/Face claim: Ashley Benson
Character Name: Lilieth
Quote/Text underneath: Mess with my family and you will never see the light of day.
Mood: Powerful and dominace
Genre: Fantasy/ Science Fiction
Ideas: she standing with her hands on her hips, showing a lot of woman power
About the character/places you want included: An ice kingdom or somewhere cold
Additional comments: Her superpower is ice power you can show that with her blowing out some ice or some shooting out of her hands
Password: Harry Potter is not at the top of my pirority list.

Character 7
Actor/Face claim: Millie Bobby Brown
Character Name: Milan
Quote/Text underneath: It is not just about making it home, it is about making it back to out family.
Mood: Dark, scary
Genre: Fantasy/ Science Fiction
Ideas: one of the pictures where she has that serious face that Eleven makes (if watch Stranger Things) Her nose can be bleeding as well
About the character/places you want included: A dark foggy background
Additional comments: Her superpower is telekinesis
Password: Is Harry Potter on Netflix?

Character 8
Actor/Face claim: Jace Norman
Character Name: Fayse
Quote/Text underneath: If everything seems under control, you’re not going fast enough
Mood: neutral
Genre: Fantasy/ Science Fiction
Ideas: Can he be on an open road running with a smile on
About the character/places you want included: He has superspeed can you show that and can his streak be a neon blue
Additional comments:
Password: Harry Potter

Character 9
Actor/Face claim: Yara Shahidi
Character Name: Delilah
Quote/Text underneath: One way or another, you guys are making it home.
Mood: Dark, scary determined
Genre: Fantasy/ Science Fiction
Ideas: a picture where she looks really determined a serious
About the character/places you want included: the background could be a mystical forest
Additional comments: Her superpower teleportation
Password: I know that he has a scar, is that enought?

Take as long as you need because I know I asked for a lot. Also, I just want you to know that I did ask another graphics shop to make me a cover. I asked them for a cover and I’m asking you for banners. If you consider that thread hopping then I understand.




Hi its me again I would like another usual
Title: n/a
Character name:N/A
Size: 1X4

Title: When I wrote this I was listening to…
Subtitle: Birthday by Maisie Peters
Chapter Numbers:N/A
Image inspo/chapter theme: similar vibe/ aesthetic to my picspam but the chapter is about a father trying to apologise to his daughter for missing all her birthdays

Additional comments: nope and thanks again x
Password is Gryffindor


Title:Babysitting Luke
Summary:When Riley ends up in jail with a handsome stranger,the only punishment her grandma can think of is to get her a babysitting job.But this babysitting job is different.She has to “look after” a guy her age just to make sure he stays out of trouble.And that guy is none other than the handsome stranger.
Genre:Teen fiction
Ideas:Maybe a guy lying in a girl’s lap,if possible one of them could be reading a book.If it’s not possible,that’s okay.Or whatever you think you can do.
Additional comments:No


Hello lovely requesters, I’m sorry to announce that this thread will be closing.

If you’d like to request from me, I’ll be starting a new thread with @shewroteinblack, called Supernatural Designs.
Please repost your request(s) there.

@donttalk679 @bon_kiss @fash549

The thread should be posted by tonight or tomorrow so stay tuned! Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Thank you for your understanding

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