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Killing Deadheads all the way.

On Wattpad



“I hate to break it to you , but we are not a gang,” I said snatching the cherry from her ice cream.

“No need to crush my dreams,” she grumbled.

“Your dream is to be in a gang ?” I raised my eyebrows at her.

“That would be so cool” she grinned “The FBI will be after us, there will be guns and dead bodies”

“I need to find a new best friend”

Abrianna Johns is a quirky, high school students waiting for her graduation like any other student in Avalon high school. But, what happen when things takes an unexpected turn ?And a mysterious boy shows up to school ? It was an innocent game of cards until she found herself in Multiple Bad Coincidences.



What lengths would people be willing to go to for power?


Growing up in a community infested with poverty, ignored mental illnesses and identity issues, Jungkook was subjected to an overwhelming amount of support due to his flawless antiques. Having been spoiled by his peers, he’d eventually become susceptible to thinking so highly of himself - to an extent where the reproach and mind-baffling honesty of one student had severed him months of self-hatred, confusion, but most importantly a chance at reflection. A pursuit for change.

link: www.wattpad . com/13356308-the-sins-of-self-indulgence-rosekook-epigraph


i was think of putting together a book of dirty jokes, anyone up to reading it if i do so??



Summary: Elise D’Angelo always knew she wanted to go to college as far away as possible. When this California native starts her freshman year at school in Massachusetts, she’s in for a crazy ride. New friends, parties, and a hot upperclassman with an ex-girlfriend straight out of Mean Girls, what could possibly go wrong…



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❝What if I fall?❞

❝Then I’ll catch you.❞

❝He was arrogant, obnoxious, funny, cocky, sarcastic, a know it all, a delinquent, a bad influence, yet knowing all these things I still couldn’t manage to stay away from him. Something about him just drew me in.❞

Violet Morris had a secret, a really big secret. When her younger brother died, her parents became distant. And just when she thought things couldn’t get any worse, fate proved her wrong. Violet moved in with her Aunt and everything seemed fine after that, except they weren’t. Violet makes new friends, a quirky coworker, a homosexual beanie boy, and a guy who always uses his corny pickup lines. Violet bumps into a boy at the car repair garage who she also just found out was her new neighbor. Even though she was independent, she immediately gets lost in his eyes and finds herself falling for the boy with tattoos and the whole “Bad Boy” ego. She gets caught up in all his problems while being stuck in her own. But how will they react when he finds out her little secret and she finds out his?


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