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It’s been said that Albert Einstein considered cats the greatest physicists in the universe. (I just said it so at least that part’s true). To transform physics from boring (perish the thought) to rip roaring fun just add cats and a bit of humor. Just what exactly is rip roaring anyway? I guess you’ll just have to read Physics with Cats to find out.

Let’s hear it for Physics. (crickets) Okay, what about cats? (wild cheering) In that case, how about Physics with Cats? (a short pause followed by moderate cheering) Not ideal, but I’ll take it. Welcome to ‘Physics with Cats’, a collection of stories starring those world travelling cats Henri and Cassie. Each exciting new adventure will help us understand different areas of Physics without the drudgery (heresy!) of sitting through a physics lecture. You’ll laugh (at least I hope so), you’ll cry (probably not), and you’ll learn something (most certainly). How can I be so sure? Quite simple really. It’s because everything is better with cats.

 "Darn-it you weird scrawny little gross creeper. Can't even keep it in your pants long enough to get through a work-" I reached into the freezer to grab my favorite flavor; Mint Chocolate Chip.

  "Who's the creeper?" I froze before I could finish my crazy rant. Goosebumps covered my arms, but I wasn't sure if it was from his voice or the fact that the freezer door was wide open in front of me. A tattoo covered arm pushed the door closed. I recognized that voice.

  I looked down at my ripped jeans and overly large green- stained T-shirt. My shoulders raised up to my ears as I cringed. I didn't turn around right away because I didn't want to face him. 

  I slowly tucked the ice-cream under my arm, ignoring how cold it was. The universe had to be having a ball right about now at the expense of my misery.

   Of course it had to be him. 

   "Of course." I muttered under my breath as I blew out the air that I had been holding in. The force of the air moved a strand of curly hair from my face. I slowly turned around to face the deep voice behind me. I didn't even want to know what kind of state I was in. I just knew that I must have been an eye-full. Mystery Man looked me up and down with a huge smile on his face. 

  "It's nice to see you again, Myla." The way he said my name was enough to fborce shivers across my chest. He stared at me as he waited for me to speak, but instead of a smooth comeback, the unthinkable happened....

Myla, a recently dumped, clumsy accident prone photographer, was trying to put her mess of a life back together after quitting her part time job at a family photo center. She had no idea how what was about to come one night after running over a beautiful stranger with her car.

Evan Michaels was every women’s dream in America, but no one shown as brightly as Myla’s nervous smile… or her head lights.

What will happen when their two words collide?

Genre: Teen fiction, humor, romance
Title: Free?
(22 chapters as of today, 4 let and it’ll be completed. Hopefully before the end of this month)
Description: A broken teenager is determined to keep her emotions in and be free. Especially in the face of petty Beatrice Kinswill whose determination is to torment and mock her. What happens when a not so new guy joins Westbrim high and is determined to find out what happened to ‘Fiona Hills’.

" Hi Mrs Crawford, good to see you and happy resumptions" I grin like an idiot causing her to wiggle her nose in disgust.
“Detention after school miss Hills” she says walking past me not after she pastes a detention sticky note on my locker.
I grab it and tucked it in my pocket. “Oh great” I mutter and slam my locker very loud,
“that’s double detention” I heard her call out.
“but that was unintentional” I shout, but she had made up her mind as I see a sticky note fly towards me.
I grab it and also tuck it in. How good is life. First day of school and I’m getting double detention, let’s not forget what I’m going to face when I get home.

“What’s holding you back Yon, don’t you trust me” he says his blue eyes boring into my brown ones.

“I’m scared to feel” I sigh looking away hiding my heavy eyes.

“Then” he pauses pushing his hair back with his palm "let me show you " he completes and walks away.

Tears pour down my face effortlessly and I don’t stop it. It’s time I say to myself.

Author: @FOXYGIRL8002
Genre: Humor, Teen Fic
Title: I Was Never Here
Chapters: 1
Description: Ash is yet to be discovered with her dream of photography and somehow get to fame.

When she moves from Colorado to Texas, she gets a sign with a random person to do a project. This project brings her more than pursuing her dreams, she gets herself most of the fame. No body said she was going to keep it. Now with rivals, a regular school year just turn into a war zone filled with pranks and much more.

But her questions isn’t if she can survive, it’s will she make it a live.


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Please find my debut comedy novel called Sammy’s Wacky World to make you smile and laugh -’s-wacky-world

Please have a look and let me know your thoughts as I could do with some readers!


Juliet is weird.
But she owns it.

She likes the life she lives, strange as though it seems. She likes living alone with her half-wild cat, her thirty-something house plants (each with their own name and personality, of course), and her freaky imagination. She likes writing horror stories, biking everywhere, and hanging out with her two con-artist best friends.

Then, in comes Life, and its fucked up sense of humor, holding all the wrenches and lemons it can manage. Throw in forced cooking classes, a potential love interest, a failed wedding, and plenty of chaos… and Juliet’s mostly quiet life is completely turned upside down.

But she owns it.
Juliet is weird.

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The Bored Nurarihyon

28 year old Harrison Travers meets Japanese yokai Yasumi Yukio. And, well-- “and they were roommates!”
Subjects of Japanese supernatural folklore change a working man’s mundane everyday in an episodic narrative of comedy, action, and adventure.


Good friends are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget.

“We BORROWED a bus” Logan says with a smirk.
“Now get in!”
“No no no” I started walking back and forth. while shaking my head the next thing I know I’m being throw into the drivers seat. I turned in my seat to see most of all my friends in the back. I turned back to Kasper"I don’t…can’t drive a bus" My hands were lightly shaking. “Relax, Its just like driving a car only slightly bigger” Kasper says with a charming smile and a wink to match.

SLIGHTLY, how did it get to this. One minute Dakota is doing homework. The next minute a big yellow bus parks right in front of her house. Dakota should of run the moment she saw the thing, but why didn’t she 'Because. there a Bus on HER YARD!!
Dakota is about to get into so much trouble. Good thing her friends will be there for the ride also.

Cover by: WriteMyHeartOut75

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