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The Street Kitty is an illustrated short story about what can be expected when you let a gremlin, I mean, a street kitty into your apartment. Bless them all :slight_smile:


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Please know I’m embarrassed to have made this…In reality, I’m NOWHERE near this immature :sweat_smile:

Schumacher is an alley cat who lives a life of solitude in the late 20th century, in Germany. But when a man finds and takes him home as a pet, Schumacher the cat finds himself tumbling roughly in the hands of Fate, an unruly schoolgirl who “holds the strings of destiny loosely in her hands.”

Do people really wash their feet int he shower or do they just let the water run over them?

In a relationship - why is that not a box to check in forms they should be other

Dreaming vs delusion

Energy is everything

Attitude comes with energy

We all think about our what we’d say about our parents at their funeral, right?

Does poor spelling make you smart ? Why

Can you be deep and funny at the same time

I don’t want fame. That’s a lie I want all the good parts of fame but I’d rather be more beloved than popular

The last 7 things came in the last 20 minutes. Is this manic or creative

Prison will never be the right path to fitness and diet

When you’re injured you realize how important your health is. Right now with my foot and back pain I couldn’t.

Their gay wedding - just say it’s a wedding. If it’s two men - we’ll know.

Do Lesiban’s and gay men really get along?

Tldr - fuck you. Is tldr the new way to say fuck you moron? Is it the new Thanks!

Hola si buscan una novela de humor aqui esta mi comedia. Dejenme saber que opinan

Hello here is my stoy is in spanish! you can go check it out is a humor romance. Soon translaing to english. please leave some feedback.

Hola si buscan una novela de humor aqui esta mi comedia. Dejenme saber que opinan

Hello here is my stoy is in spanish! you can go check it out is a humor romance. Soon translaing to english. please leave some feedback.


The Dare Game is something you all have heard about, but never played this way.

for years this game is known “hazardous” for health, but when Eve, the “hazardous” girl, plays it, it suddenly catches everyone’s attention. maybe the perfect explanation is that Eve is popular…not for being slutty (because she isn’t slutty), but for being a different tomboy.

and The Dare Game? well, its famous too, probably the most popular game of Godwalk city. what would happen when the two famous things collide? it will become more famous. and maybe after Eve’s case it will be switched from “hazardous” to “not-hazardous”.

everyone is excited about the outcome, including the VICTIM.

Hope you’d like my story :slight_smile:

It’s just a kiss.
How hard can it be?

Mature content

Achieved #1 in “Fumble” category.

This is the crazy side of me. My other stories are actually legit. XD

The Chaotic Senseless Story of Randomness:

Basic Summary: Mike is a crazed lunatic who loves to eat Couch Sandwiches, and his best friend Draco (who is the only normal person in this random world) has to deal with his bull!

I do funny things sometimes.

Charlie is a Damsel. When her hero comes to save her, she finds out her assigned adventure is an erotic romance. The problem? Charlie is asexual. Oops.

Hijinks ensue…?



“So, what are you other intentions Mr. Hughes.”
“You are my intention, Ally. So, would you give this guy a chance?”
Harvey was taken aback by his bold confession. His heart throbbed heavily waiting for her response. What if he scared her away?

Ally Marsh is a 20-year-old college student who’s always putting other people’s needs before her own and still feeling second best to everyone around her until she met Harvey Elias Hughes, a Marine veteran who wanted a fresh start. Neither of them can deny their intense attraction, nor can they hide from it. But will moving on from their dark pasts jeopardize what they’ve found in one another?

Link :

They both built walls around themselves. And pushed away anything that has to do with love.

Adriana Dawson is fierce and always saying everything as it is. She is her own person. She came face to face with, Tyler Ray. He is cocky and wears that trait around his neck like a gold medal.

He warned her, but he didn’t warn himself. What will happen, when there is so much tension between them? Will they eventually give in? Or keep playing this game?. Whose walls will go down first? Who will give in?

The Trial takes place in a dark future and the courts determine verdicts and then have the trial. According to the state, the defendant must be left without the gag, so they can show they’re sorry and the gag doesn’t go back on. One defendant has a little fun with the court at their expense and lets his acid tongue loose on the entire judicial body.