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Raising Hell
Armageddon will befall the earth when the antichrist is born, or it would if Lucifer could spawn a bouncing baby boy. Luckily for Evil incarnate, and unluckily for the rest of the world, the demon Diabolous has enough pattern recognition to notice what his boss will not. If he hasn’t had a girl after seventy-six of them, seventy-seven isn’t going to be any different.
Enlisting the help of a local washed-up angel, Lezaziel, Diabolus gives Baby Girl Lucifer a chance to grow up and potentially become the harbinger of doom her father always wanted–So long as his angel doesn’t muck it up with good intentions.



There’s Five of Us

❝ it’s all about the presentation guys. Watch…❞

We all roll our eyes and watch Eric as he strolls up to the pretty blonde leaning against the bleachers.

He smiles and talks for only a second before she giggles and twirls her hair around her finger.

When he comes back he has a smug smile.

❝Be thankful you four have a friend like me. Eric the stud.❞

When five friends finish their junior year of high school and mellow out into a summer of Popsicles and parties, they find themselves each facing their own problems as life throws them their way.

Annalise is trying to figure out what feelings drive her need for Austin.

Trinity gets into a flirt battle with the local coffee shop barista.

Eric just wants to get over his childhood crush on Annalise

Gavin’s trying to figure out if coming out gay will destroy his friendships for good.

And Austin…well, Austin’s grandma can’t make oatmeal cookies for the baseball team.

As these five friends lean on each other during a pivotal moment in their lives they find that maybe coming together and trusting, would be easier than trying to figure it out alone.



“As my former master would say, sometimes a fresh look, unspoiled by knowledge and fact, can come to the only right conclusion.” Harrold thought better of mentioning that his former master died after refusing explanation on how to fire a gun.

Join two unlikely heroes on a strange, nonsensical, humorous and occasionally epic quest to retrieve an ancient magical artifact! The disillusioned and reluctant ‘Grand’ Wizard Harrold is joined by his mostly incompetent and annoyingly optimistic friend, Patricklus the Great. Together they encounter the strangest problems and device even stranger solutions. Krakens will be fought, people will die from defenestration and other similarly horrible causes, fish will fly in through the window, Gods will get angry and floors will be floors. Oh, and there’s also a murder mystery in there somewhere.



genere: humor - horror - splatter

Una professoressa misantropa, con un potere di chiaroveggenza, scopre che un suo studente è vittima di violenza familiare.
Cosa farà? Ignorerà, da stronza egoista qual è? O aiuterà il ragazzo?


Bell suddenly find out that she has a long lost brother. But not just any brother but a super rich and beautiful older brother. He is very kind and sweet to the point that he is like a doting parent. However, she immediately realize that this “princey” brother of her is actually a big klutz and thinks no more than a five years old child!

In addition to this eccentric brother, she also meet his very strict and formal secretary, who acts more like a father than a secretary; his very beautiful fiancée , who actually has a crush for the secretary; and a very arrogant lady who is head over heals for her brother.

At last, she has a doting best friend, who gets excited in every little things, and a childhood friend, who see her brother as his rival for some reason.

Sum it all up and you’ll get a crazy but ‘just beautiful’ life.
Hi guys! If you want to take a break from reading heavy dramas, complicated fantasies and action genres… If you simply wanted to relax and have a big smile at the end of every chapter, well this is the right one for you! Hope you enjoy it. :slight_smile:

P.S Tagalog po ito :smile:


Cielo duff no es la chica perfecta, al contrario es todo un desastre. Vive la vida sin límites y restricciones, odia la perfección y a las personas que aparentan serlo. Es por ello que no cree en los príncipes azules, para ella estos se extinguieron con los dinosaurios. Ella solo desea encontrar su sapo ideal.

Ha sus veintidós años aun es virgen y no porque espere el momento indicado, si no porque aún no encuentra a su sapo. Cansada de esperarlo en una noche de alcohol, decide junto a su mejor amiga Emma escribir una carta a su sapo y repartirla por toda la ciudad.

Cielo y Emma no se acuerdan de su Azaña, pero está a dado resultado. Sin ella saberlo su carta ha llegado a las manos de un verde y verdadero sapo: Kenath Kellogg.


It IS a secret. Caoilainn’s been holding back. A lot.

She knows EVERYTHING and what Tadhg doesn’t is going to devastate him.

After finding happiness in each other’s arms, disaster strikes and their world topples over. Caoilainn fights to save Tadhg, and their relationship, but theirs’ isn’t the only one hiding secrets.

Falling apart has never been so easy.

As the walls of deceit come down, their small community will have to confront their fears head-on if they’re ever going to make it through this mess called life.

One Half of the Brain Hemisphere Series-Right Hemisphere Traumatic Brain Injury



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