Clubs-like theme is now SUPER Clubs-like thanks to :makaylasophia: @Makaylasophia


I hate to nitpick but it doesn’t look the best on the mobile version:





that’s a bit *more than a nit pick, will fix


Ok! I see this now. Fingers crossed that you do too!






Whoop whoop, hopefully this helps a bit with the people who are missing the old appearance!


I honestly don’t see much difference


Honestly, more than appearance, I like that the posts are pretty evidently divided now.


The biggest differences are the colors on the posts pages ( I didn’t mess with the styles on other parts of the site).


  • Dashed border between posts
  • White background behind text area of posts
  • Text area of posts corners slightly rounded
  • Grey border around text area of posts
  • Color change to the names and post buttons

I utilized the same post styles on Wattpad and implemented them here as best I could.


@uncleL Thank you two for working so hard ლ(´ڡ`ლ)


For sure! I know that was one thing @Prisim was really wanting too.


Looking at it right now. I love it!


@spicy_sweets Of course :smiley: :makaylasophia:


Glad you do! <3 :makaylasophia:


I’m not currently using the theme, but one thing that bugs me and I just HAVE to point out is…

The avatars look like they’re touching the corner of the post.

A little space between the two would be nice.

But this is just me nitpicking.


Oh, wait, I switched to my laptop.

That seems to be just a mobile thing.


I’ve been messing with it on mobile too, it also bugged me — will be fixed


Desktop version looks a bit squished. [avatars nearly touching the area to the left]