I always heard that agents were anti-creative writing majors...

and wondered why–why would they take this position…

And now I know. It’s pretty much down to people like this:

And to back it up, BTW… his writing is this (PG-13)

Several people said they knew people like this.

I was lucky to not run into people like this in my workshop days… but reading this and the writing (and boasting level… [Like Faulkner, Proust, and Hemingway?]) I now get it.

Agents hate dealing with even a smidgen of a chance of people like this.

I also wrote hundreds of stories as a teen… but then I had the sense to know they were also crap at the time I was writing them. I also have enough sense to know that I have things I really, really want to improve in my own writing.

Stay humble in the industry, or you’ll get fame in a way you don’t want.


Well, I think anyone who pays attention to the industry for long enough will get jaded and misanthropic. I’m there. I see plenty to make fun of, but mostly, I self-censor, because being mean is stupid.


LOL, yes, that’s an excellent example. I cracked up at some of his mistakes (“infinity” instead of “affinity,” etc.).

I think, though, that a lot of it has to do with the heavy emphasis on literary fiction – with a strong dismissal of anything perceived as commercial – taught in a lot of creative writing departments that ultimately turns off agents. Agents are in the business of selling COMMERCIAL work, because that’s what SELLS. When writers internalize the message that “commercial is crap,” then they come across REALLY badly when they speak to agents.


A 59 page first chapter!! WTF!
The author would have got a worse critique from me.


Their writing, too… not to mention the majority of agents are women… so…

I’m an environmental scientist, but I’ve been writing fiction since I was 8 years old, and I’ve spent years analyzing books, shows, etc for storytelling and writing quality. (But I would never say this when querying – and I certainly am not proud of my early work lmao.)

My older sister is going back to school to (spontaneously) get a creative writing degree, and she’s 100% why people can’t stand creative writing majors XD. I love her, but she is the most egocentric, over-sensitive creator I’ve ever met. I shared my 90k word book with her a year ago, and she hasn’t touched it. But now she wants us all to read her short stories and songs

Someone save me. I am not strong enough. T_T


Your only hope besides Obi-Wan, is someone like “Luke” up there that cuts her down the size. She’ll have to read and critique back if she wants to get a grade.

Hugs on offer if you want them… though.

Maybe you can beat her by getting published first and she’ll shut up after?


He was an automatic YTA when I saw he didn’t know the difference between infinity and affinity when I read the post :rofl: