I am frustrated because I don’t feel like wattpad takes reporting things seriously.


I am extremely frustrated by wattpad a reporting features. I feel like every time I report something, I get an email saying they won’t consider my report until I do something I already did in my original report. For example, when I reported a story for breaking content guidelines, I provided detailed information and a link to the violation. And then I got this email.

I reported an underage user, with a link to the evidence. Because WP asks you to screenshot the evidence and provide a link, but I am not going to upload to an external site and then give a link. WP should have a way to put an image in the report if they want screenshots. But I provided a link, and got this email. image

I reported a spam profile of the of ones with “sexy.ru” in the username, and got this email.image which actually makes no sense, since I reported the profile and not a comment.

I want wattpad to be a safe community for everyone, but this makes me feel like I am not being heard and I shouldn’t bother.


Oh, yeah now that you mention it, I’ve also reported a ‘sexy’ account and have gotten this confusing and not relevant response as well.


Check Ticket record to know if glitch or not. You might be getting auto due to glitch or need wait.

If you have glitch or something, send bug ticket.

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How do I check the ticket record?


go to support.wattpad.com and log in. Then open “My activity”,
There you should see your report.
If autoclosed. Send bug report as @Angelic_Vamp already mentioned

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So they all say “awaiting your reply.”, even though all the information they requested was in the original report


just message them back, maybe explain again that this is a spam account and then it should have the status “open”

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I will, but it is frustrating to have to submit reports twice just because wattpad doesn’t even look at the first one, hence my feedback thread here. Like it doesn’t seem like a very efficient reporting system. It’s confusing and annoying lol


I didn’t mean that you should report it again. When you click on the report you sent a site opens where you see the report message you wrote and you can also write a message to HQ there.

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I feel this. This is why I stopped reporting. I always get the same response “your ticket has been closed” or whatever. I send in my evidence and get nothing in response and it sucks. I just gave up on the reporting system. I’m not going to submit evidence multiple times because nobody can check the first one.


You can add screenshots when you go in to check the ticket record. I do wish they had them in the initial report as well, but there is a way to upload the screenshot without the need for a third party hosting site.


I know. That’s what I did. I just meant it’s frustrating to have to write a second message saying the exact same thing as the original report.


Thanks, I saw that. I feel like they should say that instead of just “include a link to the screenshot” in the original report. Like I didn’t even know the support.wattpad.com interface was a thing until this thread.


Definitely agree there. I also didn’t know you could add screenshots for the longest time.


You can just write ‘bump’ instead of same message. It’s not that HQ is not looking or causing the report but I think it’s Zendesk problem. The tickets most sites use are by the company Zendesk (you can see email addresses that has the name zendesk) but this is just my guess.


A few features I think would come in handy when it comes to reporting users:

  • more options to report the subject for, or an other button
  • an online hotline or chat with a real person to help you around
  • an email afterwards telling you if the problem was solved and why it was solved (maybe?)
  • to get rid of the automated message, it really does nothing except be annoying?

[sorry, i wrote out a longer post but it got deleted]


That, you just pick the best that fits the option for it. Bugs go to bug ticket though

Hotline as in like ‘costumer service’ or for self-harm? If it’s the latter a report is enough and there’s a counseling article https://support.wattpad.com/hc/en-us/articles/200774284-Counseling-and-Prevention-Resources

Well after staff and you solves the problem your ticket record tells the status not to mention Zendesk will give a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ on your opinion with the issue. Also the staff responses should imply.

It’s a reminder though, kind of like a guide or instructions, which sometimes I feel you or anyone but if I was new it might be helpful to what to do.

But everything a Ticket record must be checked for any reports so to make sure you know the status. I agree one thing and someone needs to post or demonstrate where and how ticket record works.

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I’m not even going to bother reporting anything anymore if its this complicated.

Everything automatically gets closed whenever I do, even when I was reporting a book full of PORN gifs. I had to go and report every individual gif (over 80 of them) just to get attention from WP, who sooner deleted the gifs than the entire book that was nothing but porn gifs.

Yesterday, I reported someone spamming peoples walls with the same message and spammy link over and over, and reported the individual comment, wrote in more info, and even then, “link us to the comment or blah blah blah.”

It’s quickly become more trouble than its worth.


I meant a hotline for help to get places during WP or report issues right then, but I see how it might be inconvenient. But yeah, that response answers a lot of that.

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I agree. I stopped sending in reports about content because the process got so involved and the eventual results were the same - content was found to be OK because guideline rules were changed, according to the email messages from HQ. Yet ambassadors tell a different story. When you hear different opinions from different quarters it’s best to just leave the problem alone to management to handle.