I am sick of the word bad boy used in most book titles.

Why do they have to write that? It’s so annoying and cringing lol
We know the jerk is bad boy… no need to put it as a title.


Concur. I won’t read a book that uses a character trope in the title or blurb. If you can sum up your character in one or two words, I’m not interested.

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This kind of relates to this: I don’t like when book titles tell me too many things about the book. For example (no offense if anyone’s book has any of these titles)

“Bad boy is my neighbor” - oh okay so the bad boy is going to be moving next to the protagonists.

“Alpha wolf is my mate” - ohh… so the protagonist will end up with the alpha wolf… as his mate. Okay.

“Kissing the professor” - Uh–

I love to be surprised and there are so many creative titles that people can come up with. When I see ones that just tell me the entire plot it makes me less likely to want to read it. And the blurbs tend to not be any better; they just reinstate the title, which just gives away the entire plot.

NOTE: This doesn’t apply to ALL books of this sort. Just the ones I’ve seen.


I feel you omg! 13 year old me loooved to read these kinds of books but now I find it so repetitive and annoying. As soon as I see a title like that, I continue scrolling. :sweat_smile:


But…how else are you supposed to know what you’re reading about?

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I also dislike when people literally put an entire logline as their title… make it simple, dammit! :joy: For example, “Sierra And Kristie’s Pranks On Valentine’s Day Result In Two Anonymous Boys Reversing the Prank Soon They Do Not Know Who To Trust.” Some simpler titles might be “Reversal,” “Valentine’s Day Prank,” “Unknown Men,” or stuff like that… No need to spoil the entire book in the title! :smiley:

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A writer may see this and the next thing you know you’re gonna start a new trend: Good Boy Kisses Like Bad Boy; Innocent Boy Meets Bad Girl Lycan; My Good Boy Boy Toy (for mature audiences).


I know what you mean. Also about the entire plot thing, that annoys me. I might as well move to the next book now lol

Finally people are agreeing lol

You never see a bad-boy title books at water-stones or amazon… This title are just wattpad titles i guess.

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Totally right. The give all the information away lol

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Easy way to get a ton of hits I think is the reason it’s used so much on here.

It might be…

Man, I remember when She’s dating a gangster got released in the Philippines and everyone was clamoring to make their next best “gangster boy meets (insert trope here) girl” I even remember that I read a published wattpad story titled President Gangster Boss- something, something I can’t remember exactly but it was stupid af.

I also dislike Alpha’s Mate, Pack’s Mate, and anything that uses the trope as a title. It makes me look away from the book and it’s potential good writing.

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Let’s start a petition to change all “Bad Boy” titles to “Tough Guy” or “Average-Joe”

That’s funny…

Maybe the authors are either uncreative or trying to maximize their work’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization), at least for Wattpad’s search tools.


So, funny enough, on the site I used to be on before Wattpad, they didn’t have a space to enter a summary for your book. Because of this, a lot of budding writers used to put their premise as their title because they didn’t have any space to pull readers in with a summary. That was maybe…2009-2011? I think a lot of people put Bad Boy in their titles because of things like this, and then it kind of snowballed as newer writers realized that books with those titles got lots of views. That’s why I think you’ll notice a lot of the books with these titles are often written in 2009-2012. Of course, you’ll have your writers that still do this, but I’d like to think a lot of people have learned by now.

…or so I hope xD

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I guess it’s as simple as wanting to be successfull. They see that those are books get thousands and millions of reads and basically copy the idea because it’s the safe option. That’s obviously not the case with all bad boy stories but I wouldn’t be surprised if some authors have thought this way.

Of course some might see the rebel personality attractive (can’t really explain why because I don’t have the answer), especially when you mix it with the typical good girl. Maybe they want to see how much she can change him or something.