I am will to Edit Anything


yes i am but i need too know what exactly you need me to do


Just general edit I guess. Grammatical or punctuation errors? how’s the flow of the writing?

I have 11 chapters so far. I’m not sure how many chapters you’re willing to edit…

Hi! I just published a new story called Prisoner 563 and I’d really appreciate if you could edit it and give me some feedback, I’ve only just started, here’s the link - https://www.wattpad.com/myworks/196471351-prisoner-563



Thanks! Hope you like it! I only have one chapter so far but Chapter 2 is almost done. :smile:

You might want to edit your title. *willing

This is a type of mistake I do all the time. So frustrating. 🤦

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thank you despite being a grammar freak I still miss things Oof

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Me too

I’d really appreciate editing/feedback on my ongoing novel A Beautiful Evil!

Do you give feedback even if I have one chapter down?

Might you be willing to edit some of the chapters(as many as your comfortable with) of my story “Dangerous CEO: Falling for the Mafia Boss”? I’d really appreciate it. I’m mainly looking for grammar type editing and if there are some plot inconsistencies or parts going too fast or missing information.

oh I didn’t realize we can share a link with our request. here is mine: https://www.wattpad.com/story/118458820-dangerous-ceo-falling-for-the-mafia-boss


I have 3 chapters so far and would love to get some feedback if you have the time! thank you

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