I believe that a dragon is an entity with eight legs, four arms, furry skin and no tail. Can you counter that?



What is a dragon?

It’s a type of creature, like fish and birds. There is no one “fish” species, and nor is there one of “birds.” They all are diffent, but there is something that connects them all together: similarity, or a common ancestor.

So take a look at your dragons. If they stray too far from the image of dragons, then you can’t really call them dragons. Dragons are creatures that do exist in real-life mythologies and cultures, and they all have similar attributes that “make” them dragons. It’s like saying that you can call a penguin a horse. You cannot make another group of creatures called dragons if they have nothing to do with the “original” ones, the ones from stories here on earth.

Of course, how far you stretch this is up to you. In your world, are all dragons tailless? Do they all have eight limbs? Are the shaped the same? Make a list of criteria that determines whether something is a dragon or not.

In my world, some of the attributes for a dragon are these:

  1. Never stops growing
  2. Must hatch from an egg
  3. Cannot die of age

The Kraken in my world is a dragon. It never stops growing, hatched from a mountain that sunk to the bottom of the waves, and has been around since the inception of the oceans. It possesses everything that defines a dragon in my world, and more.

There is a noticeable difference between east-asian dragons and european ones. But, like all earthly dragons, they are serpent-like. Powerful. Sentient, intelligent. All fish have gills. All birds have beaks and feathers. There should be something all dragons have, as well.

Some food for thought.


Welp, according to the Cambridge dictionary a dragon is a “Large, fierce, imaginary animal, usually represented with wings, a long tail, and fire coming out of it’s mouth.”


“Any varying types of a large lizard.”

Sooo I GUESS the no tail would declassify what you described as a dragon? :thinking: But then again it didn’t say always with a tail but “usually” with a tail.

Although there are non-winged dragons, are there dragons without tails? :thinking:

I dunno lol I know that in a lot of lore there are furred dragons so I suppose what you described is definitely a possibility for a dragon :man_shrugging: :rofl:


Drakes are what you call “dragons” with no wings. Still not a dragon, but close enough I guess.


I always assumed drakes were just mini dragons tbh :3




So wyrms are… magic dragons?



I’m not an expert XD But that article is pretty in depth with the descriptions and explanations.


:man_shrugging: lol I thought wyrms were actually what Asian dragons (serpentine) were called. Then I found out those are apparently called “Longs” or something to that nature.


No, Puffs are magic dragons.


That’s exactly why me and that @ThisAdamGuy were saying that the writer has to justify it within their writing. You can’t just say an elf breathed fire without having obviously explained that your elves are capable of such a thing. The writer should be aware that readers have a mental image associated with a word and be ready to correct it if theirs is different.


I was half expecting a fight, but instead, I got to witness a pretty healthy and informative discussion unfold. I thank you all for replying :smile: