I bought whole Paid story, but I'm asked to buy it again...


I dunno if this happens only with this story, but I’ve bought Sex and Death in Skeleton City. I’ve read some paid chapters, stopped for until the next day, and when I try to return to the last chapter (either by the library or using the new feature to go back to the lastest book) I get into the page telling me that is paid part and gives me an option (pay for the chapter or buy it whole).

When I check the chapter lists, all paid chapters are locked. I do this a few times, and all the chapters unlock. Okay, small glitch… however, this happened again the next day and thanks to it, I lost my position. It’s not that big of a problem since I vote every chapter and it’s a short book. But it’s annoying

Right now, I’m experiencing another weird stuff with the same book. I tried now to check it if it’s locked or no (I open the book from my home feed - getting back into the last book I read/opened). It’s unlocked, so I go and pick a random paid chapter. Before it can load, I return to my home-feed. Okay, I do it again, and it repeats. The same thing happens with accessing free-chapter.

I access this book from my library (not home feed), and I’m returned to my library - meaning to a page before the paid-chapter. The same result is with trying free-chapter.

Okay, is there anybody with similar behavior?
I’ve checked the known issues, but nothing seemed to be part of my “bug” :slight_smile:

If there’s no known issues, it might be worth submitting a bug ticket here :eyes:

I haven’t heard of that happening before :woman_shrugging:


Hi, thank you :slight_smile: I’ll do that :wink:

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Try logging out and logging back in. If that doesn’t work, try uninstalling and reinstalling. Those two things usually fix any issues!