I did it! Thank you!


Well, I’ve always wanted to do it, I’ve had the idea in my head for five years. Nine months ago I started this journey and as of thirty seconds ago, I finished my first book. I actually finished something in my life, whether anybody ever reads it, at least I have that. Thanks Wattpad community for all of your help along the way. A lot of you inspired me to keep chugging when I wanted to quit. I owe you all a bit of my gratitude. The question is…Now what?


Wow! That sounds like a great achievement. I have never gotten around finishing anything. So I know the pain.

Why don’t you sit back and have some fun for now. Start writing again when you get some new inspiration!


Congrats dude, now, FORWARD! xDD


Hm… Editing?

If you feel you’re still itching to do something and don’t want to move onto the next project you can start editing your book. The editing process is fairly rigorous

But there’s nothing wrong with relaxing right after as well :stuck_out_tongue:





Congratulations on finishing your story!!! :sparkles::confetti_ball::tada::sparkling_heart::dizzy: That’s a really big accomplishment and you should feel super proud of yourself.

As to what comes next, that’s up to you! Maybe it’s time to start a new story, or you could revise and edit this one to polish it even more. Either way, I wish you lots of luck!!!


Congratulations! :giraffe:


Congrants. xD Now it is editing or starting a new idea. Or two… Or three… I think I am being a bad influence… oops. xD


Now you take a break, read for a month, then go back and edit and revise.

There are some great e-books on how to go about editing.


And congrats! That’s a very exciting thing!


I think that my reaction when I finish a project is to push myself to begin the next project right away! For me, if I sit down for too long and ‘celebrate’ then it turns into months or years of relaxing. So, this was what I personally learned, but everyone is different. I think that finishing a book is a great feeling but also the feeling that I think you’re feeling too which is… what now? Still, congratulations and do take some time to allow yourself to feel good. It’s a big accomplishment!




You’re killing it, bro!



Great job! :grin:


Now you sit back and enjoy the good life. Cheers.


Thanks for the good vibes, guys! I had started editing while I was writing, honestly. I had hit a wall and needed a break, so, I jumped into that. I also wrote the first chapter of a character mpletely different story in a whole different world lol! I’m honestly eager to get into that one, so hopefully my ending didn’t suffer because of it. It was just a big thing for me last night because I wrote all the time in High school, but never novels or anything. I never thought I’d be able to fill enough pages, but, I did it lol.


Don’t get discouraged, if I can do it, I know anyone can. Keep going with it!




Yep, I believe this is the correct course of action!
I finished a week ago and I’m now on ‘vacation’ (so to speak), but soon, I’ll be back at it again editing in just a few more days! (Ugh. :P)
Trying to catch up on my reading during this time (all those people I promised to read).