I don't understand why girls write such weak girl characters

Lol, I have noticed that women with children tend to be more assertive, no matter what age. And the women who aren’t assertive are usually the same ones who let their teenage/20-something daughters walk all over them.

I might end up with kids before the end of next year (Jesus, that’s a terrifying thought…), so hopefully I will have my shit together by then. Or at the very least, learn very, very quickly.

I don’t know why you want to do that to your DINK status, but if you want to, good luck. Finish your book before you do that though or you’re gonna have to wait until that nasty, expensive little thing turn, I don’t know, 35 to write again? lol I always tell my daughter, “if you don’t want to deal with karma, don’t have kids!”

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Lol, luckily the first and second books are finished. Just gotta edit the second and get the third going. Or maybe I’ll just learn to never sleep. Going to have to learn that anyway with kids, right?

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Yes but even if you don’t sleep they’ll wake up in the middle of the I’m-about-to-kill-my-MC scene and start demanding milk/story/blanket/cuddle/food/attention (but I’m sure most of the time just to assert their importance in my life assfdhfkflfhkdlelaj).

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You mean I can’t just slip them a couple of Ambiens and send them back to bed?

XD You’re better off keeping them for you with your Xanax lol

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Gals be strong. My Ma is the most bad ass person I know - next ta my Gran.

Weak female characters annoy me (a lot). The only way I’d be willing to accept a weak female character is when the story shows her character development. I’m not saying being shy, timid, introverted,awkward or stuttering is bad, all I’m saying is these characters exhibit no self-respect or self-assertion whatsoever. If the character is shy and doesn’t like to be around peoples its okay but she should also have a backbone (also use it) and stand up for herself when required. It’s the same for strong female leads, I like them to be level-headed and confident but also show some weakness because weakness’ make them more realistic and humane.


I think the reason why weak female characters are such a hit cliche is because they are overly sexualized in order to fit that ‘subservient’ girl who satisfies every males wet dream. I hate that. I really really hate that. (stopping myself from going into a full-on feminist mode)

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There’s a difference between weak and WEAK.
Some of my female characters may be considered weak by a few people because they’re kind and try to help, but if something is done to them or anyone they love, they won’t stand for it. They’ll deal with it in their own way whether that be reason or violence or something different. (Take Elena from Frozen Flame for example.)
However, there are other female characters that are WEAK and pitiful. These aren’t your characters that let things happen because they’re trying to be kind or have a specific reason why they can’t/won’t stand up for themselves or others. These are the characters where the writer writes them for the audience to view as being WEAK. I get what you mean about how annoying these characters are sometimes, but unfortunately, there are people in everyday life like this. (I could get onto a huge rant about how books are supposed to take people away from reality whilst targeting problems and therefore- but I’ll leave that for another time)
THAT SAID, I do NOT think people should only target girls/women in this area.
As to why more girls are writing more characters like this… I have no idea. It could have something to do with the societal pressure to do so, or the attempt at trying to display what I was talking about before but not doing it very well, or something else but… I don’t know.

Hope this helped somewhat. :blush:

Yeah…she’s a great planner, gives people advises and of course she pulls a lot of strings …lol.
But there’s a chapter where she breaks down because she doesn’t have any parents to shower her with love and care.And some people said it made her look weak.

Wow you have to go through all that before you do it lol I don’t see the point of you constantly asking questions and making discussions. If it works for you good for you…

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Yeah. My character doesn’t give in to anyone and doesn’t take any nonsense from anyone.

I think it happens due to many reasons . People read what feels closer to their hearts. It’s more easier let’s say to write a story about an unpopular person who suddenly becomes famous with a gorgeous boyfriend /girlfriend etc rather than an ungly person with no real achievements bcz let’s face it who wants to read the second option even if he/she was the same with the character?
Also as you said people - mostly new writers - tend to write similar stories of what they are seeing around or think it’s popular. I am six years here and all the stories wattpad tries to promote on my page are stories like that …with girls who only matters when someone or something wants them and even then they make the girl character so dumb .

You are right… I think worse are like bully books, they fall in love with their bully, who treats them like crap.


Why thank you!! is that the image we want to promote? i mean i’m sick of the shy, cast-aside little virgin that takes crap from “bad” boys! what happened to strong women with a voice and lots of experiences? I felt like i’m the only one thinking that!

Most young girls can relate with the first part about shy and outcast that’s why they are preferred but I agree with the bad boy part, no one needs to bear up with them. Funny thing shy girls don’t even have guts to look at the dangerous bad boy and here in teen fic she is being a savage to him for no reason. :rofl: If they are creating a shy girl, at least give her that personality too.

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It buffles me how on earth can you put a personallity into a nothing-girl? Let them shine for once, put the spotlights on the girls, take them out of the shadows!!

Oh yeah , I totally hate it. I mean it can happen in life if - -if - the bully realize the pain he inflicted to the victim but event then it will not be like unicorns and candies. It would be a really slow burn with lots of confessions and secrets and fucked up “love”. But in books they just say x girl is in love with x boy who fucks her life every day at school but bcz he is handsome she never sought for help or trying to take him down.
Like wtf? Bullying is serious and I am saying it as someone who’d been through real hell at school.