I feel like my character has no personality


Can anyone help me? In the past, I’ve done a lot of work setting up internal dialogue but then it turns into all character no plot. Now, I’m trying to focus on an engaging plot but TOTALLY losing character development.


What kind of story are you trying to write?


add little quirks! either from yourself or imaginative ones. my elf girl likes constantly touching people, my ghost boy twiddles with his thumbs a lot and my human girl of another story has lots of little things, like coughing when she stretches too far. little things that make them a bit more real


Have you tried interviewing your character? Whil I’ve never tried it, I’ve heard people say doing that has helped them develop their characters.


It’s like, fantasy romance


hmm good idea


Plot and character personality should go hand in hand.

What conflict is driving your characters? WHY is that conflict important to your character? Finding that “why” can really make a huge difference in adding dimenension to your characters.

Find the “why” in every situation.


have them wear certain things. like, you won’t ever see me without my leather boots or my three leather bracelets, plus my red rubber one. they have specific arms and places too. left arm, my worn red one and new fake one. right arm, my red rubber one and my one-piece leather one. if you care to see, you will notice I always have it in that configuration


Make them human. Flaws, quirks, likes, dislikes, who they are… it can help build a personality. :wink:

Whenever I feel like my characters are falling into that crack, I try to make them appear as if they’re a real person, so I try to focus on those kinds of aspects.


Make a character sheet and know their background. Know what made then who they are. Did an accident make them bitter, do they have a love interest? Why why why? Always ask yourself, why is my character doing this? Why are they like this? And play around. I personally love threads such as:


Character development games, they really help!


character development doesn’t have to be so obvious.

You don’t need to describe in a story what they do or look like that is different. And certainly you don’t always need to be defining how they feel about something to give them character. This is lazy and doesn’t work all that well usually.

IMO character development works best in the way a character reacts to a situation or responds to someone.

Think of a situation from your story. Maybe someone says to the Main Character…
“Chez loves you, you know”

There are a plethora of ways this can be answered…
“Yeah I know,”
“Chez’s just saying that,”
“You’re just saying that to make me feel better,”
“What’s for food tonight,”
“Have you seen Chez’s face?”
“Chez did, - until I opened my mouth,”
“F*$% you,”
“Like Chez would talk to you about that,”
“Now why did you go and tell me that,”
“Okie Dokie,”

(I tried hard to make this gender neutral. diversity and all that :slight_smile:)

Pick a route, any route. Each one says something different about the character of that person. You don’t have to tell the reader what they are feeling about Chez, the character will make it known through how they react.