i give you feedback for your cover and then you cry [closed until further notice]

like the title states, you post your cover here and then i give you some feedback on it.

if you post your cover here, be ready to read a REALISTIC opinion on it.

if you are here to read a bunch of compliments on your cover which may or may not be anything special, you are on the wrong thread.

if you do decide to post your cover, please include what genre your story is, a short summary of it (optional), and if you want me to give you font and other recommendations on how to improve your cover.

DISCLAIMER: i am not here to be mean to you, and everything i say about your cover is so you can make it better so your story will get more reads. everything i say is my opinion, so if you disagree with me, that’s your problem.

i must ask of you not to post feedback of other covers on this thread if i had already mentioned it in my review of the cover. this just creates confusion and meaningless posts. if you want to post critiques, you are free to make your own thread. if you want to tell me something about my critique on another person’s cover, you can contact me through my wattpad account.

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WARNING: you might cry.


Story name: Unspoken Words
Story Link : https://www.wattpad.com/story/205560727-unspoken-words


Genre: Random Portries and verses.
Description: There are words, stories and feelings we never share and yet they are often the loudest. Unheard Truth. Unloved Souls. Unread Stories. Untold Feelings. Unfelt Love. Unattainable Dreams. Unspoken Words.
For when you are out of words and unable to describe your feeling or want to know someone’s with you.
Username: lucidxxdreaming
Recommendations would be appreciated. Thank You.

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if i’m being honest, and i am, this cover isn’t good. it isn’t necessarily bad per se, but in the cruel wattpad world filled with such covers, it isn’t better than the average.

let’s say i’m scrolling through wattpad, looking for a nice little book to relax next to. i would surely scroll past this one, even if the writing inside was the best thing in existence.

– firstly off, is it original? no. i have most certainly seen a bunch of similar covers while scrolling through the poetry genre.

– secondly, does the font really fit into the vibe you were going for, or is it the first font you found which seemed semi-okay?

– lastly, is the title readable from the cover? no. all the letters are too small and don’t stand out, and you need to have at least one of the two. will people read a story whose title they can’t even read? i’m sorry, but no. for comparison, this is the cover size people can see:


overall grade: 4/10

my recommendations:

  • lose the vertical title and the box because that is the only way your title will actually be noticeable.

  • change the fonts up a little bit. you want to engage the reader, and using a font which is featured on thousands and thousands of other covers isn’t the way to do that. (for the title you should probably use either a handwritten-like font, or one that isn’t as static as this one is.)

  • the picture of the pink clouds and the blue sky fits in pretty good in my opinion, and is pretty and aesthetic, but if you want your cover to have that something, you should really experiment with other stuff like oil paintings or/and watercolor paintings as background pictures. i’m only saying this because i feel like it could really fit in here.

DISCLAIMER: i am not here to be mean to you, and everything i said about your cover is so you can make it better so your story will get more reads. everything i said is my opinion, and my opinion only, so it doesn’t mean that it should affect you in any way unless you want your cover to be better.


hi! thank you for doing this. i personally don’t love my cover that much and have only put it up as a temporary thing so please be as brutal as possible. i’d love to hear some feedback so that i can make a cover that really fits in with my story.

Genre: Romance
Description: Still grieving after her sister’s death, Layla Yilmaz-Lee throws herself into her studies, wanting nothing more than to spend the next three years of university with her head down. To distract herself from her self-destructive thoughts, she takes up a job driving drunk students back to campus after rowdy nights out.

Unfortunately for her, Finnegan Taylor, with his playful smiles and tendency to cause trouble, is all too eager to be a regular customer.



I’m game.

Genre: lgbt Paranormal

For the gods, the world is divided into twenty-one Planes, the Garden of Creation, and The Veil. First-born son of The Source has been promised a restful retirement in The Veil after the goddess of Time tricks him into suicide. Nick’s happy afterlife comes to an abrupt halt when the majick of Ether is stolen.

Cyan, Nick’s younger brother and the last god to possess the majick for Ether wants it back, but someone else has other plans. When time aligns on New Year’s Eve in in all twenty-one Planes, the Garden, and The Veil on his wedding night, only one person in all of Creation can help him: the brother he replaced.

Will Nick help Cyan, or allow Time to erase them both from existence?

The gods and demons of the ancient world were never myths but twisted from a very real past…and they are still living among us. When Kaja Landauer is violently killed she finds herself immersed in the world of the Avati, a race of ancient and indestructible people. And she is bound to a man, a legend among the Avati, with a haunting past of his own while she tries to navigate this strange and uncertain new world. The young are weak; the old are strong. And Kaja has unwittingly stumbled into the territory of the oldest gods of all.



Title: Rising Wind
Genre: Fantasy/Action-Fantasy

Governance officials want to create a perfect society, and brand Elementals as a threat to that goal. Kal’s duty as a soldier is to keep the peace and enforce the rules. But when he encounters a group of young misfits whom he suspects might be Elementals, he can’t bring himself to report them. Despite his training and the advice of friends, he decides to help them onto what he believes is the right path - a choice that lands him in more trouble than he bargains for. Kal soon discovers that the perfect veneer of the Governance covers up an ugly and crumbling foundation.

even though you didn’t include the information i said was necessary, me being the nice person that i am, will still give you feedback for your cover.

your cover isn’t good, but it does have potential, lots of it for that matter.

because you didn’t give me a genre, i’ll assume that this is a cover for a fantasy story, judging by the cover itself and by the description on your profile. i don’t usually read fantasy, but a good cover would make me stop and read at least what the book is about, even if it was a genre i didn’t read like fantasy. this cover doesn’t possess such powers.

the crucial question: ‘why?’
– when browsing through my home page on wattpad, i won’t stop to look at a description of a story whose cover isn’t different from the others in one aspect or the other. browsing through fantasy stories, at least five in the first twenty looked exactly the same as yours with a different font and some warlock or whatever mythical creature their story was about.

– i like the font you used, but the title of the book is all the way on top, and the letters are too small when you compare it to the size of the cover. the fact that your name is almost the same size and stands out more than the title itself makes this even worse.

– i think anybody can find a picture of a knight with light on his hands and put it on a 512x800 cover for a story. when making a cover, i think you should intrigue the reader with the cover, and the whole point of a cover is to attract readers. making a simple cover anybody can make might be a good strategy for a coming-of-age story, but i don’t think it’s a good strategy for a fantasy story.

overall grade: 3/10

the potential i mentioned before in the shape of my recommendations:

  • put the title a little bit lower, so the reader notices it as soon as possible

  • live a little. don’t play it safe. don’t just put a picture of a character because that is something everybody can do. try doing something with PNGs and their transparency because i realized doing that for fantasy story covers can really improve the quality and aesthetic of the cover. perhaps adding other characters on the cover

  • i cannot stress this enough, but please, PLEASE don’t make your name stand out more than the actual title. your name should be at the bottom of the cover, a little bit invisible at first sight, but visible when somebody is looking for it. for my covers, i usually just make my name 40% transparent.

DISCLAIMER: i am not here to be mean to you, and everything i said about your cover is so you can make it better so your story will get more reads. everything i said is my opinion, and my opinion only, so it doesn’t mean that it should affect you in any way unless you want your cover to be better.


I actually really love this cover!


oh. thank you!

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you didn’t post the information asked of you in the first post, but because your cover actually made me want to read your story, i’ll give you some (hopefully) useful feedback.

looking at the whole of wattpad, there are surely better covers, but that doesn’t mean that your cover isn’t good. sure, there are some things i would change, and i will get to that in a little bit, but i really like the comic book style you were obviously going for.

the most important thing a cover needs to do is attract readers and make them read what the story is about.

i would say that you definitely got that task completed:

– the title of the story is intricately introduced in the cover, and the combination of larger letters with smaller ones, as well as using color to distinguish words from each other is something i haven’t thought of, so props on that.

– everything from the title, to the superman guy, to the city in the so-called background fits in very well with the style. this is usually very hard to achieve with more than few elements, and i think you executed this perfectly.

– the little tag in the bottom is a very nice intriguing statement that makes me want to read the story, and it is something people don’t use as often as they should/could.

now for the only thing i think needs to change:

– i don’t think the font of the bottom statement fits in well with the style. sure it fits in, but something says to me that it isn’t supposed to be there, even though i really like that detail.

overall grade: 8/10

my recommendation:

  • seeing that the only thing i didn’t like is the font of the statement on the bottom, just removing the gray letter background and changing the font up to be as intricate as the title would make this cover that much better.

DISCLAIMER: i am not here to be mean to you, and everything i said about your cover is so you can make it better so your story will get more reads. everything i said is my opinion, and my opinion only, so it doesn’t mean that it should affect you in any way unless you want your cover to be better.


i tried to be brutal.

before anything else, i need to ask myself, ‘do i like this cover as a cover?’.

the answer to this is definitely yes, however (there is always a however), i can’t say that this cover sparks with originality. i’m not saying that you didn’t make this cover, i’m saying that there is loads of such covers in the romance genre, excluding the covers with shirtless guys who are wearing glasses for some reason and are also billionaires.

that is just the way wattpad is. there is loads of romance stories, and i think that makes this cover lack some originality. it’s a good cover, don’t get me wrong, but when you have to compete with thousands and thousands of stories, you can’t escape your cover not being completely original.

overall grade: 7/10

even though there are similar covers, i really like this cover, especially the font color gradient you added that i would’ve never thought of. there are a few things would change:

– the title is too high in my opinion. the cover would really improve if you moved it down a little bit (the background picture as well)

– your name is a little bit too high and/or a little bit too noticeable. if you want this, then ignore this recommendation, but either make it a little bit transparent, or move it down a bit. if this was my cover, i would make it a little bit transparent and keep it at that.

DISCLAIMER: i am not here to be mean to you, and everything i said about your cover is so you can make it better so your story will get more reads. everything i said is my opinion, and my opinion only, so it doesn’t mean that it should affect you in any way unless you want your cover to be better.


thanks so much for your feedback!

I agree with the originality comment tbh - to me it just seems like this cover is lacking something (idk what though)

I knew there was something iffy about the title! but I couldn’t quite place what it was that was bothering me. In terms of the author name, I’ve actually had comments that it’s hard to see and that I should emphasize it more? so a bit confused about that.

Anyway, thank you for your comments. I’ll try and make a more original cover when I get the time to sit down and think about it.


Thanks for offering this service :smile:

Okay, so this is for a new story I’m working on (not published or anything). The title is ‘The Power’. I’d like as harsh a critique on the cover as you’re willing to give :heart:

I’m still fleshing out the story details, but it’s a sci-fi/ fantasy/ possibly horror cross. It’s set way in the future, after a crazy experiment gave a test group of people the ability to use Magick. This new gene has been passed down through generations, to the point at which majority of humans have the ability to use it. There are three main kinds of Magick - light, dark and something known as ‘the Power’. The Power is essentially black Magick. People who don’t have the ability to use Magick are rare, but are immune to the effects of Magick, and for that reason are generally kept in slavery by high-power families desperate to avoid the Magickal politics of other families.

The plotline is simple - MC is able to use Magick, and joins a legion aimed at eradicating Black Magick. In her travels, she comes across another person without the ability to use Magick, but free and befriends him. When he’s caught and forced into slavery by dark means, she’ll do anything to save him. Including utilising the addictive black Magick; ‘The Power’.

This story focuses on characterisation, and the fall from the light to the dark. At the moment, I don’t plan a happy ending, but that could well change as the planning process continues this turned out really long, I’m so sorry :see_no_evil:


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Disclaimer: Hi! This cover wasn’t made by me, so I can’t change it, but I’d still love an opinion. To be nice, I’m not going to say the name of the creator (in case someone doesn’t like it) The creator, however, is listed on my story so those who want to read it know who put in the effort. :smiley:

Genre: Teen Fiction/ YA/ romance-ish?


Thank You so much.
This definitely will help me.

Title: Obsidian
Genre: very dark, depressing realistic, GoT style fantasy.

Orphaned at ten and captured by the Salasar -a powerful empire that seeks to conquer his homeland- Hasheem, a slave male escort turned assassin finds himself fleeing back into the desert of his people and takes refuge from an influential tribe. There, he discovers the love and friendship that plunges his life back into worse tragedy and chaos as he struggles to survive tribal wars and politics, unaware that he’s become a crucial part of the force that will either lead to victory or defeat in the upcoming war with the Salasar.

At the heart of the Salasar’s capital, another tale of deception, political schemes, and love takes place in the resident and command center of its supreme ruler. Here, Fate sets up another group of key players that will dictate the outcome of the war.

Based on the rich, beautiful culture of bedouins and nomads, set in breathtaking deserts of contrasting black and white, this exotic tale of human spirit, pride, freedom, and the power of love capable of moving mountains will leave you breathless and constantly on the edge of your seat with its never ending twists and turns. Far from the usual tale of war between good and evil, but one where black and white is blended into gray, this is an epic tale of men and women who are made of obsidian, where each and every life will be broken into the deadliest of weapons, proving just how powerful humans can be when we choose to fight and never back down.

I am so sorry for not including the details. When I pushed upload the first time I thought I had the confidence, but then I got nervous, so I deleted it. But I added again with the intention of putting some details but… I just got too nervous and thought I had deleted it yet again.

But reading the review now, I feel like an idiot now. Thank you so much for taking the time anyway, despite me being coming across as stupid.

Thank you, really. I will definitely use this review.