"I had no idea what to do." 🤦‍♀️


Makes it easier than wondering what other words you aren’t noticing. That site has it all, just make sure to click the option for creative writing and don’t worry if your style score is a little lower. You can paste a professionally written book in there and rarely will they receive a high rating.

But the program looks for so many different things and it’s free (with a word limit).


My characters look at things, glance at things, stare at things. I’m trying to stop doing that.

When I was a bit younger, two of my horribly overused phrases were, “One thing was for sure” and “She was going to get to the bottom of this”. Frequently the second sentence immediately followed the first. Pretty often, they would form the last two sentences of a chapter.

My current characters seem to get their hearts / guts / insides squeezed a lot. I need to work on that.


“She stared at him.”
“She blinked.”
“He smiled grimly.”


Lol I can imagine that it would be so awesome I would give it to all the lost ones lol


“Well, …”
“Oh, …”
and a lot of overuse of the word, “now.” Like, one sentence would be, “She was looking at me, now, and…” or “Now, everything was different.”
And all my characters sigh, constantly.


the opening lines for my next fanfiction :joy:


I’m very guilty of the cliche “MC released a breath they didn’t know they were holding” so trying to kill that phrase from my writing completely has been a challenge.


For some reason I tend to focus on my characters entering places. The number of times I’ve written “Entering, …” and “As she entered,…”