I have a crazy idea


I had this crazy idea when I woke up today. I want to make an animation book trailer (something like anime but less extreme) but then i just figured I didn’t have a drawing tablet, and I sucked at drawing digitally with a mouse. Am I crazy? I’m set on this idea but it’ll probably take years for me to complete it since I’ve not done any digital drawings and animation. I do know how to use Photoshop though.

On a side note, what is the difference between Wacom intuos draw and Wacom intuos art? I’m on a tight budget so I can only afford the cheapest.

Recommendations and suggestions (maybe links to tutorials) are welcome. Even if you ask me to stop dreaming :slight_smile:


i have no idea how to animate, but one of my acquaintances made a very quick one and it was very good. she made different versions of the same image and just put them together in the iMovie app (she uses her phone to draw) and it worked perfectly. maybe try that on your phone to practice?


Don’t use a mouse to draw characters. It never goes well