I have a story... Thats all I have lol Help?

I was speaking with my friends and I was thinking about 2 things. Well 3 really.

  1. I’m a fraud. lol
  2. I’m big on representation so I ALWAYS write black MCs but I never write stories with Pansexual and/or Polyamours main characters.
  3. Why does every romance or mature story end in a wedding or the heroine choosing one of the people she loves over the other? Why not both? Why not no one? Like really with some self-reflection and therapy Bella would have loved herself not to die for a man.

Anyhoo. This got me thinking for a few days and then I was hit with inspiration but its SO RAW I don’t even know what my plot should be but I do know this.

My Main Character is Aniyah Price she is a twenty-something marketing executive who works for a company called YUM which is a sex-positive LBGTQI+ friendly safe application to find people who share your kinks.

I pulled this idea from the fact I kind of fucking hate grinder, I like OKcupid and Tinder is trash but I realized. They’re not safe. They’re too open so my book app would be an “Exclusive” app that only allows people in with background checks (For plot)

Though she is a Pansexual WOC who believes in Polyamorous relationships, Aniyah starts dating Braxton Murphy (Name can change) a European Lawyer she met on a 30 under 30 shoot and the two start dating Braxton asking Aniyah for exclusivity to which she agrees but is slowly starting to notice Braxton wants to change more than just her lifestyle. He doesn’t like telling people what she does for a living. He only has what she and her friends call French Vanilla sex (He is okay with certain heteronormative things just what he considers to be kinky is regular to her) When they first started dating he was okay with threesomes but when they committed he tells her stuff like that’s fun for sluts and regular trash behavior. Aniyah having to suppress a lot of herself for the relationship.

When The Company’s owner Antonio is a trans man and one of Aniyah’s many exes decides he wants to open a physical location in NY that will teach classes and sell merch it is up to Aniyah to lead that launch and her company hires Issac Gareth, the person she had her first sexual experience with the summer she turned 16 only to discover he had a girlfriend back at college. They don’t speak for years until he gets hired and put on her team Aniyah having to ignore her attraction to him and her Ex-girlfriend Elizabeth Sousa.

Elizabeth Sousa is a brilliant sexually manipulative Afro Latina Aniyah met via a polyamorous relationship with Antonio. Antonio and Aniyah decided they were better off being friends but Elizabeth and Antonio had a flaming crash to their relationship. Though Liz and Ani didn’t have a sexual relationship while they were dating Tony, the two spark something on Ani’s 21st birthday Tony warning Ani Liz is fucking insane.

Ani is okay with this the two dating for two years until Ani discovers Liz was planning on launching a YUM competition that would do all the same things as YUM without the background checks. Liz ask Ani to leave YUM and work with her and Ani breaks up with Liz realizing she was using her.

The story starts the day Issac is hired and will follow Ani trying to make this launch and have her tempted and over all cheating with both Issac and Liz. I’m unsure if I want to make Braxton a true antagonist or just a shitty boyfriend. I’m also unsure if I want to redeem Liz who will be the stories antagonist.

I also know I want Issac to be engaged to that girlfriend from college because I want everyone to be trash but I don’t know what is the driving force of this story I want to tell beyond drama and representation.

I know Ani’s goal is to get this launch and stay top of her game but I don’t feel love is what drives her its more like the need for the freedom I guess.

I know it will be mature. I don’t know what genre it will be.

I don’t even know what my blurb would be but I want to tell this story so… help?


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If yall have a free minute can you look at my jumbled brain and help me make a thing.


i love this! :purple_heart:

oooo, this reminds me of the high-class dating app The League, not sure if you’ve heard of it or not.

the gasp i just made, how rude!

¿Porque no los dos? XD

i say do something out the box and don’t redeem her, make her more human, show that decisions have consequences, people may not like it, but honestly, that’s life.

angst? XD lol. hmmm, the driving force, fighting one’s urges? (i don’t really think this is a driving force, but it’s the best i can come up with right now lol.)

i actually like that she’s searching for freedom here. i guess i probably feel this way because she’s like breaking stereotypes of being idk “on track”, you know, date, get married, have kids and an average life. like she knows what she wants, she knows she wants to be herself and do well at her job.

is slice-of-life a genre? XD (i just checked the genres on the main WP site - LGBTQ+, Diverse Lit, Romance, New Adult, and depending on the length Short Story?)

you’re on your own for this. i suck at blurbs. :see_no_evil:

Overall: i think this is a really cool story, like it seems different and like something that i would catch my eye if i saw it somewhere. you’ll have to keep me updated on when you put it out. I’m not sure what other thoughts to add right now. hope i was somewhat helpful. :see_no_evil:

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Let me take a look over it real quick

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Yeah I’m mad someone hasn’t made this yet lol

I havent but I want to. I think dating apps are cool AF but the flaw is anyone can say they are anyone and too many people get hurt.

Based on a true god damn story lmao

I cackled well, I’m thinking he can be a toxic feminist. Because I cant wrap my mind around manist but I actually dating a person who is overall was a feminist which is why I was into him but then the more serious we got the more I realized he was sexualizing my sexuality. Like I don’t mind group sex, I don’t think too deep into it but once we became exclusive that little line came out his mind because Gay greeeeeat pro choice suuuuuure but you, person I say are mine you are now straight because you are mine and those are things we did when I didn’t like you and I was like… oh… so… I wasn’t a person?

Idk if I want to lean into it or just be matter fact like yeah… dudes a dick but doesn’t know it.

Lets dig, something like what? so far I have 3 chapters in draft 0 and Liz is basically in love with my MC but shes a money grubbing bitch trying to destroy YUM. They’re ooooobviously going to hook up and this will be a problem but unsure to what level.

Felt this in my soul. Bruh I think this might be my little Trauma porn cause WHEN I TELL YOU I was writing Liz and thinkin’ about my ex girlfriend like… don’t text her don’t text her lmao


but how do I market this :thinking:

I think I write slice of life but Wattpad doesn’t have a category for it.

Novel. After ONC I shall never write a Novella again! too much stress.

I made a weird sound when I laughed.

FML they’re hard as shit and Ive had someone legit make a guide for me and still don’t get it lmao

Yeah I have no idea. I want it to be my Wattys entry so before September but I can’t let it be as dark as my other stories because 1. I am weirdly my happiest when I don’t date men regardless of how toxic my ex is lol 2. Idk I want it to be sexy but light like idk what her problem is yet I know it’s cheating and others expectation but I think it will be with the launch.

I feel like Liz is like her person though.

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You don’t see many stories with this, so this is something I would love to see.

I have never used a dating app, but I have considered Tinder, yet I’ve heard way too many horror stories to actually download it, so I stay to people I know personally and even then I don’t fully trust people. Apps like the one in your book should exist, though. There is way too much harassment and criminals on dating apps.

Don’t you know that you’re toxic

Make him the antagonist. Any toxic person who forces people to change who they are in a relationship just to have the ideal partner is an antagonist in my mind. Whether you redeem Liz is up to you, but I prefer realism and that’s — not everyone can change

Her driving force can be her becoming her own person, breaking away from the toxicity of these people in her life, becoming this successful woman who looks down on all of them. Using that toxicity and negativity as fuel to push forwards and launch her app. Become more mature. Honestly, I suck at this, but that’s more or less what I’d do.

100% the need for freedom. Love doesn’t have to be the drive for a story. It could be a bonus, but it doesn’t have to be the main force and focus.

Main genre: General Fiction or ChickLit
Sub genre: LGBTQIA+, New Adult/Adult Fiction, Drama

UGH I want to help with this part so badly. It once took me three weeks to write a blurb. I’m gonna take a crack at a basic synopsis, though.

But, if this were a story, I would 100% read it.


yes, you should look it up. i believe The League is the high-class dating app where people have to get background checks and make like a certain living. i believe their waiting list was like 10 years or something when i last heard about it in idk 2014? XD

of course, i sometimes forget people can be jerks :upside_down_face:

please see my above point ^^ XD

hmmm, i mean you could go a few ways with this, from one or even both of them getting attached to the other but still wanting to pursue their career goals so they’ll have to work out is the relationship of career worth the mess and eventual headache, you could have them angry bang or without sex every time one of them steps on the other’s professional toes, or you could do something simple like show how sex is just sex and business is business, etc.

don’t make me have to go YouTube search some Dua Lipa for you XD lol I’ll find a dubbed over version where they say “she” instead of “he” XD

anti falling into gender stereotypes? :sweat_smile: the powerful woman actually being powerful in her own right without assistance from a man or woman if we’re being honest.

I’ve never done this but everyone makes it sound so scary so i shall never lol.

like i said, you’re on your own for the blurb XD LOL

i honestly think you could probably churn out something good before September. GO GO WRYNECK! XD

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Ah yay

They’re okay. I’ve met some dope women on Ok cupid but then I also met my crazy ex lol

Ive read them but luckily no one I know has them but that’s the thing these apps are so open its Russian roulette

Trust no one serial killers are always the Pillar of the community

THATS HELLA DOPE I like the premise of a free dating app that you only pay for entry (It covers the background check)


mmm hmmm

Think I may. My issue is I might secretly have something against Cis men because when they are my antags I go DAAAAAARK and I want to keep it light, you know, frat boy tantrums and I’ll destroy your career for not loving me or soemthing

I feel right now but the way this builds can change. Right now I don’t see Liz changing I see her really loving Ani and really hating Tony but its money that drives her and she is so self-centered she wants to take Tonys idea and just let anyone use it no matter what happens.

Actually I can see her getting Braxton to represent her. Since he hates Ani working for Yum he could see this new app as a way to force her into a new Career.

I squealed and got scolded for it (my partner is sleeping lol)

I love this!

unsure how to like saaaaay it though I can unfold it in a story but my blurb idk man

I find you to be brilliant

RIGHT! because I was thinking about that “Single” ending and so I went into this making all her interest morally grey

NOTED… can Chicklit have sex sex? I don’t plan on cutting scenes too much like it wont be heavy but I really want an Ani/Liz hook up.

Ah thank you and yeah blurbs are a mysterious thing I cant comprehend so its cool

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Holy fuck!

mmm hmmm

At the start of the story, they have been broken up for about a year and a half. Aniyah admits she is in love with her and Liz is in love with Ani but they are polar opposites. I wrote (Its not set in stone) That they were hooking up for a while after the breakup but Ani decided if Liz was hell bent on making her app she was done so teeeension. When we meet Liz Ani tells the reader that and that they hadn’t had sex in 8 months she basically ghosted Liz because she cant be her friend.

I deeply enjoy this!

Lmao god I needs!


I think I need to find stories like this. Cause its so weird I always see me as me I’m gender fluid and say fuck stereotypes but that came with trauma and a lot of F this ish I’m out. I want it to be less dark than my others.

I wants this!

I think its because I wasn’t like… into it? and then when I was I had to cut a lot out to fit the bill.

dawww thanks

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I’ve heard a few from personal people I know, so it’s like :eyes::eyes::eyes: Ahh, I’ll pass and stick to meeting people at places I know or know them personally. I don’t trust the online world.

That’s mildly terrifying.

I would use the hell out of it, to be honest

I love this example :sweat_smile: — I actually know people like this and I laugh every time because it’s like my dogs: All bark and no bite.

Liz doesn’t seem like the person who would change, from her character description. And if you bring Braxton into the mix, having him represent Liz, this could be more drive to Ani or to the plot. I’m not quite sure how to explain this (I took two Excedrin for a Monthly headache and downed a soda really fast so I’m now trying to get past the jitters and focus on what I’m typing).

I wonder if IYW would be more help for the blurb area? :thinking:

Absolutely. There’s a mature ChickLit story I read once that involved quite a few scenes, but the character didn’t end up with any of them in the end and remained single, I believe. Best story I’ve ever read.

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i feel like a lot of people could relate to this on so many levels it’s not even funny.

understandable XD i read some of your blurbs and had to think if i wanted to be sad or not before i continued reading XD

you have the power in your hands, write my darling, WRITE! XD

i couldn’t find a cheerleader emoji so just imagine I’m cheering in your head XD

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I usually just use the :raised_hands: or :partying_face: emoji wheeze


SMART! :astonished:


By the time I rolled around up here pretty much everything I would suggest was already touched on. I’m honestly so excited to eventually read this book!

I knew you had it in you and i’m so proud! :orange_heart: :pleading_face:

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I get it and lol that sounds a bit fun

Whats that I’m hella new at this


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Sorry, I meant #improve-your-writing club (I’m just so used to calling it IYW because I’m lazy :sweat_smile:)


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This would be an interesting read. Like the idea

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I think this is definitely in the area of what you should focus on, but maybe phrasing it as “Truth” as in being true to yourself.

Ani suppresses her “truth” when she gets sucked into this relationship with Braxton where he is asking her to change who she is.

If you have her agreeing to be monogamous even though she believes in more a open/poly lifestyle, and then having her potentially cheat with Isaac and/or Liz, that is living a lie on a couple different levels.

Also the theme of “truth and lies” can work with the drama with Liz. Because this fits in with Liz is using her relationship with Ani to develop her competing company, and Ani is upset over the way Liz lies to her for months.

It also works with Isaac if he lied to her about having a girlfriend when they first hooked up years earlier.

Even your MC’s job (a dating app that wants to remove the stigma of kinks and does background checks to make sure people are above board and honest) is about seeking open honesty.

So the ending of your story where she chooses herself over being in relationships that aren’t open or honest makes total sense!

And that ending could encourage other people to live their truth, versus living in a stereotypical “happy ending” which might be superficial or an outright lie.


Why are you so good?


I enjoy you deeply. Yes I feel like (so far because it’s only 4 chapters lol) I like Liz she’s just about her money and destroying Antonio which is like “Okay you love me why are you hung up on this ex?”

Yes! I decided to make him engaged to said girlfriend for draaaaama

I love your brain. Yes this is a vibe.

YES! THIS THIS RIGHT HERE! this is what I want.


Well thank you! :blush:

I’m just catching what you were throwing my way - so then you love your brain too :heart:

I think you have a great start! :heart_eyes: