Omg, I’m laughing so hard right now!

@UncleL what have you doooooone lololol



This is so sweet ;;

but low key I feel like it might make others feel like there’s favoritism. Though I may be underestimating the community’s maturity.


My ego has been thoroughly stoked LMAO


The Wattpad community not overreacting to amusing things? What?



I think there’s no real threat to the community since badges won’t be making the move to Wattpad


if we even make the move to Wattpad


Oh noes
they’re so cute, but that’s understandable xD


i really hope with all my heart we make the move to Wattpad because this site is gorgeous and functions soooo well


I like it :>


We have to solve pagination or at least figure out a better solution that isn’t painful and we have to figure out MDC + coding threads <3


Those two definitely seem like the biggest issues. I’m still trying to see if I can find a script about pagination. I feel like it would be related somehow to the / unloading loading posts in the pager class, if one even exists. But now I’m rambling.

There’s definitely ways to enable CSS, but that’s always risky. This plugin allows CSS in DIVs, which would be what we do on Wattpad already. https://github.com/scossar/post-styles


Quick Q. Is there a reason the old forums always overload/glitch? Will this have the same problem if the CSS gets enabled? Plus I know people, if drama or other things happen on threads, tend to code in a way that “breaks” the thread. I’d like to avoid that.


There’s always flagging!


True! whoaaa, the format changed?


Personally (I know I’ll probably get yelled at by coders), I don’t see why coding certain things is necessary to the core functionality of the clubs — having discussions. Originally the MDC was created to create content for stories. Coding sort of just… happened.

But that’s my personal thoughts, and I can see why people wouldn’t want to change.


Now you’re just spoiling her :laughing::laughing:


I think HQ has figured me out:

Boost Makayla’s ego to keep her doing things


It’s liked dangling that carrot in front of you to keep you on the treadmill!:prisim::makaylasophia::lumi:


I’m a bit curious how hard or easy it is to get that badge