I have the novels, just none of the marketing skills



Just so you know. That’s a really tough market.


I know. But is there an EASY market? :smiley:

I might find something in Ohio where I can write to a regional market.

My ZA book is doing okay. #40 in Short Reads, Science Fiction and Fantasy. There’s no guarantee that Perma-free will work for the rest of the series though, only have a few reviews.


There’s a SLUTTY market. Does that count? For the same effort and quality, you might get more sales in erotica than any other genre.


just a question:

im an author on wattpad and was wondering if it would be possible to publish fanfictions?

:slight_smile: thank you


Nope, sorry. That would be copyright infringement because you didn’t create the universe or its characters.

To publish fan fiction, you would have to change all the recognizable bits (character names, locations, etc). That, of course, would mean it’s not fan fiction anymore and so wouldn’t have the built in audience, nor an audience who had “pre-knowledge” coming in.

(There used to be something called Kindle Worlds where some originators would make it possible for writers to write in their universe. That no longer exists, though.)


There are certainly “easier” markets. My point really is that when it comes to poetry you pretty much have to do it strictly for the love of writing it, because I don’t see any viable path to income with it.


Well you can never “publish” fan fiction – in the sense of making it available to the public for sale. There are fan fiction sites where you can post your stories. Bottom line, as long as the person who owns the intellectual property doesn’t object, and as long as you are not charging for it you can write fan fiction. Now, as far as can you do it on Wattpad? To be honest I don’t know if they do or not. I dont’ write fanfic so it’s not an area I have expertise in. I did a quick search and I did find this link to something called Wattpad FanFic Paradise - so it looks like they allow something. But check there for more details.


Sure it counts. LOL All the way to the bank.




I found it’s easier money to write slutty short stories on commission. I’ve had people request different scenarios and ‘try’ new things (BDSM, Pegging, Petplay, even autofolacio) via my writing. It’s only lucrative as long as I have commissioners and has become more of a seasonal thing than anything. (This is a ‘dead’ month, but it will pick up once my regulars get their tax returns.) While I do make more money this way than any other way, I am still not making enough to live.


Interesting, I’ve never heard of that! Is this something you market through Wattpad or elsewhere? What are customers willing to pay?


Been there, done that, ten years ago, except I still have the same awesome husband.


The best thing I did was start a Book Review Blog, and it’s much easier to do that now!

Becoming a book a reviewer will do several things for you.

  1. Give you an insider’s view of what really works in marketing.
  2. Forges relationships across the industry with other writers at your level, plus much more experienced ones who can point you towards the best resources and advice.
  3. Build your self-confidence through experience.
  4. Expose you to a large variety of great books. As Stephen King says, if you don’t have time to READ, you don’t have the time or tools to WRITE.
  5. It’s fun!
  6. Build up a large enough readership as a blogger and you can make some income through affiliates or by offering a service, like creating blog tour banners.

Nowdays, there are book tour blogs to really give you a leg up. I host for a half dozen now, I think, and they bring a lot of traffic to my blog. Just follow my Profile to my main site link. The banners and links to my book review/book tour blogs are at the bottom. They include Express, YA Bound, Prism, etc…

You may not have the knowledge or experience necessary right now, but the great thing about being human is…

…you can learn!
Best of luck. :wink: