I Have to ____, But I'd Rather Be Writing.


I think I win :joy:

I hadn’t been on Wattpad in two whole years. And then I had exams for my masters degree, so naturally, I decided it was the perfect time to log into Wattpad and finally begin finishing my current story the day before my exams instead of studying! My procrastination astounds me sometimes.


I have to work to keep myself afloat, but I’d rather be writing.


Currently: I have to write a paragraph thesis statement assignment and read the last few chapters of a book for school, but here I am lmao


I hate myself for doing this to everyone but…

I have to enjoy spring break… SO I’LL DO THAT BY WRITING. It isn’t like I had plans anyway… Besides, I have like one and a half more weeks lmfao

im sorry for anyone that has school now XD


I have to live in the real world, but I’d rather be writing.


You have spring break now?? Lucky!!! Ours is in like 2 weeks lol


yeah… XD but afterwards we’re not gonna have break for ages cries