I joined Wattpad when I was 14 - I'm now returning at the age of 22.


Hey guys,

I’m not sure if anyone’s been through this, or if there’s another topic that I’m just blindly missing, but I want to talk about how Wattpad has changed through the years.

I joined in 2010 and wrote pretty prolifically (although not particularly well) between the ages of 14 and 16. Since going to uni and growing up a lot, I have decided to return to writing and opened up my old Wattpad. I was surprised to see that Wattpad authors have gotten film deals and hulu tv shows… Could that have been me? Definitely not. But it’s interesting to see how professional Wattpad has become.

I’m at a bit of a loss as to what to do. Some of my teenage stories got pretty popular 85k on one of them. But the thing is… They’re shit. Clicheed and full of unnecessary angst. But I also don’t know if I want to start all over again and gain a following again.

Has anyone else taken a long break from Wattpad? Has anyone else grown up with Wattpad for the same amount of time I’ve been away for? What changes have you guys noticed about the quality of the stories on here, as well as the website itself? Anyone else just want to comment?


Sorry I just joined so I might not be the type of person you’re looking for, but what about making a new account and advertising your new account on your profile and at the end of your books? That way other people know about your new account and you can create a fresh image for yourself. I have seen some writers keeping two accounts so it’s not unheard of.

Best of luck. :heart:


Hey, thanks for responding.

I don’t know if I’m quite ready to let go of this account! But that is something I’ll consider in the future. I’ve taken down my older stories for now, because I don’t really feel like they represent me anymore. Plus the followers on this account will hopefully give me a head start!

We’ll just have to see what happens. Writing for me has always been a hobby which I pick up every so often. So I’m not even sure how long this burst of creativeness will last.


I say, push through! Wattpad has definitely changed over the years, and so far they have made pretty significant improvements. There are tons of aspects that need some work, but we’re getting there slowly. Popular authors definitely have better chances on getting amazing opportunities, which is great.

Try looking at this thread:

I also believe it would be best to keep your old (original) profile, instead of moving to a new one. There may be some followers who are also in the very same position as you, and could potentially look forward to your new work (believe it or not!) Even if not that, I think it would be easier to attract more followers if they see that you’ve been on the site for a while.

Just my two cents. If you have any questions, let me know! (We’ve been on this site for about the same amount of time, I guess.)


I’ve join in 2014. I agree there have been many changes. I’ve left for a long time and came back recently and made a lot of updates. I’m working on new works and getting ready to update old works.


I have. I joined around the time I entered Junior High (2005). But upon not gaining much of a following or what-have-you among other things, I decided to delete my account.

Now, I’m 25 years old, and I decided to make a new account in March of this year (2018). That said, I’m happy to say that my stories are garnering more attention and I have quite the following, too! It probably helps that I’m quite active in these new community forums of ours and I participate in the weekly SYS (Share Your Story) threads as well, so…


I joined this site near the end of 2014, and I wasn’t a teen.

Anyway, some users on here start afresh, as in they create new accounts. Another would be to get rid of your old stories if you still want to keep your current account. There of course is keeping your old stories to show how much you’ve changed as a writer. It’s up to you how you want to carry on in a new direction. Life is a journey and so is writing whether we intend to go big or just do it as a hobby.


Wow. When I read that I felt like clapping in admiration. You sound like a solid veteran.

I joined around 2013…I think. Thing was I was so embarrassed about my previous stories that when I would pick it up again I would create a new account under a different name and email.

I did that for a while, hopping in and out of Wattpad. It’s been a year since I opened this site. Now I’m 21, and yes the changes on the site are incredible.

Quality of stories changing? Yes and no. I wouldn’t say that the stories have gotten better because there are a couple of gems that have been here since I got on Wattpad and I still consider them the best on here. I would just say there are a lot more gems now because of the increase of writers.

The changes on the site itself have been huge. To name them all would take up pages. The site is so professional now. And all the competitions and opportunities the site offers now are incredible.


well hello there I joined Wattpad when I was 18 I think but I never was very active until now…I think the change of the Clubs was a very good job in Wattpad…because I’m back now too


hello I joined wattpad when I was like 15,and my stories gotpretty popular even tho they are crapto menow lololol imnow 20,message meif u wanna. just started again, on a new account, 40+ followers now plus almost 100 reads on a total of 2 chapters,nothing compared tomy almost 500 followers and 100k++++ reADS in total but well get there,im also studying at university now


Hi there,

I’m in a very familiar position to you. I joined Wattpad at 13 and updated several times a week, for a long time I was obsessed. Then I started to drift away when I had exams and applied to university, and I’m in my second year there now (aged 19). I literally returned yesterday and posted the novel I’ve been working on in my first year at uni because I miss the social aspect of writing :slightly_smiling_face:

It seems a lot has changed since I left in terms of layout, but it’s so nice to look up some of the writers I used to stalk and see how they’re become famous/got stuff published.


I’ve just returned from a two year break. No writing, except for sporadic things, and no Wattpad.

A lot has changed. There are so many new people. The site itself is like a foreign land

But, I’m happy to see some of my old friends still here and doing amazingly. One actually just won a Watty this year.


I took a 4-year haitus, so I know the feeling of coming back and seeing the changes (left in 2013/14 new year and came back this fall). I actually returned with a new draft of one of my formerly posted stories, and I actually am working on republishing the new version overtop the old. This keeps my read count and the old comments from the original draft, but also lets readers read the newest thing without having to wade through the teenage draft of it. (Avoiding all of my own unnecessary cliche and teen angst that was in the original version.) So that’s what I’ve been doing.

You also always have the option to set things to Draft that you don’t necessarily want readers reading right now until you figure out if you want to let them sit as they are or if you want to post a rewritten version. It’s helped me out with some projects that I posted but never actually finished writing.

I’ve noticed there’s quite a lot more variety on the site than there used to be–still a lot of fanfiction which I clearly remember. But also some changes to the way stories are read and formatted (introduction of ads and also the option to comment directly within the text instead of totally at the end of a chapter like how things used to be. This new comment factor is great for “real-time” reader feedback or general reactions and catching spelling errors, but I also noticed that I’m still able to highlight, copy, and paste from my own work when viewing it as a reader. So I’m still not 100% happy with Wattpad not disabling a copy+paste function on peoples projects for plagiarism things, but that’s my own little nitpick.)

Otherwise, I’ve had the hardest time adjusting to the forums because they’re not exactly hosted directly on the main site anymore. So that was a weird shift for me to have to re-create my account for the community purpose. And the badges are a bit odd, but whatever.


I joined in 2012 after buying my first book at a book fair. Back then I was trying to get into reading outside of the school and Wattpad felt like a great place to start, that and it was free. The main reason I took a break was because of the lack of diversity, idk maybe it was the stories I was reading back then but most of the popular stories were really bad… You can definitely can see a huge difference from the layout and accessibility to different books/authors. I think the quality of the stories depends on the person writing it. However, it has improved a lot.


Most stuff written by teens is nothing but drama and angst, so good luck trying to get back on the horse with something that will appeal to you personally and make you happy.

I wouldn’t worry so much about what others have gone and done. From what I’ve seen, most of these “book to TV specials” or movies aren’t living up to the hype or their billing anyways.

Like 50 Shades. A friend of mine on FB told me today, all three films felt like it was scripted by a 12-year old girl with a hormone imbalance who thought that by adding cuffs to the equation would make things more exciting. Or as my wife puts it: “A 40 year old woman with no life of her own.”


I’ve also noticed a big difference in quality. While there still seems to be the fanfic, like you said, it’s not as prevelant as it was. The quality of book covers had been improving as well.
The one thing I like about Wattpad is the fact you can write whatever you want and there will always be an audience. So write whatever your heart desires!


First of all, just write what your heart desires. You simply matured past the writing that you used to do. And even then, the writing that was angsty and cliched was all part of your growing process and nothing is wrong with that, you were simply writing the products of your environment and in the perspective for your age. I think as long as you are true to yourself you will find people who connect to your work. Even your old reader may have grown as well and would be happy to see how you reform your image. All the best in your endeavors cheers!


I joined Wattpad when I was thirteen years old, in 2010 and now I’m turning 22 this month. I definitely get the feeling that everything has changed a lot since I last used the site regularly, circa 2012. I’m loving the changes though!

In terms of stories - definitely a lot more fanfiction is popular now than compared with 2010. 2010 was when vampires were really big in stories, so there was a lot of that. Trends definitely come and go on this site, as well as in the publishing industry. I mean… I can’t say for sure if the quality of stories has changed or improved, but the various features we now have available to us is amazing (multimedia in stories).


It actually could’ve because Wattpad has given many opprotunities to many people over the years. But yeah, it’s awesome to see what Wattpad has done to help others gain attraction. It all kind of started around 2014-2015-ish when they had a Star program going on where some authors were able to get in on the publishing journey where Wattpad acts as their agent. It’s been great for many writers, considering the amount of people who got published traditionally and those that are getting movie and show deals (such as After by Anna Todd, originally a One Direction fan fiction which was traditionally published as a trilogy/series a while back, now has a movie coming out next year by Paramount; The Kissing Booth by Beth Reekles, a cliche YA romance story which was published when she was seventeen, and Netflix came out with an original movie; and now we have Light as a Feather by Zoe Aarson).

I’ve never truly taken a break from Wattpad just because I love it here and use it way too much throughout the days. I have had times where I couldn’t come on due to no internet or no laptop. For now, I haven’t been on the main website for about a month or so because of no internet access. I use my phone to get on the clubs as I have a Bluetooth keyboard, but I hate using the app for the main website stuff, so… I’m waiting until my hotspot returns so I can use my computer (I have a lot of reading to get caught up on).

I’ve grown up with Wattpad, the same as you. I came on when I was fifteen, and now I’m 21, turning 22 in a few months.

The quality of stories are now half-and-half. Back then, just about all the stories were cliche and crappy. Now, more original stories that are nicely edited are showing up more than the cliche ones. So there has been a lot of changes.

As for the website, many things have changed through the profiles, story formats, and other things. The most recent, major change was this part of the website. They changed it over to Discord because everyone was wanting better forums, and they couldn’t change anything with the older forums as it was just so outdated, so in September, they switched it over. This was used as a beta-website for a couple months, for users to give feedback on, and once the majority was happy with it, it was a done deal.

Another major thing that changed is the fact that we have a Wattcon. This started happening in 2015; they had one in England, then in Toronto, and now at New York. I’ve never gone (due to low money), but I hope to go someday. You can also watch it on YouTube:

Just go to Wattpad’s channel.


I’m back too I missed Wattpad