I just got contacted by ACE Media

I have no clue who they are but they are interested in my book. I have had a few people before contact me from publishing Apps/Websites but this Media house is a new one. I’m not sure who they are so i thought to ask over here.
I do want to get published but these day all i see out there on WP are scam accounts.

There’s another thread about a company of the same or a similar name, here: Am I falling for a scam? Ace Entertainment


Thanks, looks like they’re another scam account.

It’s like everyday a new scam publishing account pops up. But this Media house angle is new.

I was the one that got contacted by them!

Did they reference ‘to all the boys I loved before’ in their email and wanting to make your book into a tv show?

There are a whole lot of businesses out there called Ace Media. I would be VERY skeptical, because that really isn’t how the industry works.

Get a name and ask them to specify WHICH Ace Media they’re with. Then google that info. Comb the company website for that person. Use the contact form there, and verify that the person on the website is actually person who contacted you.

Check on LinkedIn. If you can find the person on LinkedIn, contact them through there and ask if they contacted you on Wattpad.

If you can’t find the person in various searches, cut off contact.

Look at the company info as well. Are they developers of TV shows? If the business doesn’t do that, then, again, cut off contact.

And if it’s this one…


…they’re just selling services. They’re NOT a publisher. Report them, because they shouldn’t be contacting people on Wattpad – it’s a violation of the T&S.