i just joined wattpad. wanna be my first group of friendos?


hey guys. so as it is written in the title, i'm looking for friends who have the same interest as me, and would wanna help me on starting out on here. i was actually a wattpad member before, but a lot of things changed, and so i wouldn't mind calling myself a 'newbie' for that matter lmao anyway please help out a poor person like myself x


What are your interests?


omg hi! um my interests hmm… preferably, writing, drawing, playing volleyball, watching j-dramas and c-dramas, and i’m currently obsessed with romantic-comedy/youth books right now xDdddD how about you?


Hii :grinning:
Mine would be singing, reading, watching rom coms and reading rom coms, listening to music, using Wattpad lol.
We have nothing in common. But we can still be friends right?


oh my gosh! nuu we actually have alot!;; i like reading rom-coms and i enjoy singing too!!!
sure we can be friends haha what’s your name?


Hi! I would love to become friends!


hey what’s up? Are u a reader or a writer?




hey what’s up?


nothing much, just looking at chats on wattpad.
What about you?


omg!!! >3 hey @Minnie_3255 @murmurare @travel_bae04 !


Heyy, how are you?


awee that’s so sweet of you! hey there, what’s your name?


omg hi there! i’d like to specify myself as a mix of both lmao but im more on the writer side wink




Hello! My names Maddie but I also go by Minnie what’s yours?


lol what types of books do u like writing?


i’m very fine (and today’s sunny in where i live so that’s a plus heh)! you?


Im just procrastinating. I have so much work to do but im finding any excuse to avoid it lol


your nickname’s so cuteeee :333 im cams, but you can call me anything you want lmao