i just joined wattpad. wanna be my first group of friendos?


2.2k more words to finish this chapter and I need to do another one today as well so a total of 5.2k words to write today. Yikes. Plus laundry and scheduling my exam and some study hours, but of course I have to keep up on my township and shower and makeup and so much to do.


you’re most welcome :smiley: do you have anything you’d want to do once you reach 21, Britt?


deep sigh welp, life is indeed hard. i can see you’re working hard for your book though! you can do it! gives you encouragement


I need all the encouragement I can get thank you <3 Yes My husband and I are going to go out to dinner on my birthday so i can have my first drink, and then we are going to wait until Saturday and go to the Casino so i can have a party with all of my friends. <3


i’m a baritone! how about you?


That’s definitely something nice! I hope you’d have a lovely day!!! :smiley:


I’m a soprano! but I’m still not quite comfortable with singing high notes in front of others ehehe i do like to improve on that tho— what are some songs you like singing as a baritone?


Thank you so much. I’ll probably be back later but for now I’m going to just go focus on writing <3


okay!!! have a good writing time, britt~ as for me, ima go sleep since it’s getting late haha goodnight!


I usually voice young male characters. My voice actually doesn’t match with how I look like, haha.


neither does mine


X to doubt


haha that kinda goes for me too


@ihateurnamelol @Poamzi48585 hey there!!!


I love anything musical theater :slight_smile: how about you?


Yup! Is urs the same too?? Plus YES goblin is AMAZING!!!


Happy early birthday!!!


ooo musical theater!!! for me, i like to sing ballad or acoustic songs! btw, what drawing supplies do you tend to use?




Wow u do voice overs!!! That is sooo cool!! I can relate with Ur voice sounding different to how you look, my voice isn’t particularly low, but it is still quite different. Plus u said u like art right?? I like it too!! Omg u r so unique ! :heart_eyes: Wow we r a bit similar!! I do sing and do art but it’s not THAT great. I do Indian carnatic, so it’s not that recognised, I’ve done quite a lot of concerts where I live tho. Art is like what I do in my spare time, so yh! :heart: