i just joined wattpad. wanna be my first group of friendos?


Thats good. I’m doing good aswell. Thanks!


deep sigh that’s a hard question hehe, but i like writing teen-fiction books, fanfiction, romance, or poetry! hbu? are you a reader or writer?


lol that is so me, i will put off so much work and then stress about it, when i have no time to do it. Idk why i do that to myself


you’re very welcome! what’s your name?


Thank you!! I love your name too. So what are you up to?


im mostly a writer. right now im writing a fantasy/romance book which has been so much fun to work on. I like reading teen fic romance tho

lol procrastination really is a pain. i feel so guilty right now


My names Meshal, similar to Michelle but not the same time


right now? hm i’m currently trying to figure out how wattpad works hehe but after i’m done, i’ll be writing for some projects :33


that’s so interesting! i’d like to check out your work sometime! hehe teen-fic romance with a spoon of comedy is my life


I’m going to bed but…

Night! XD


i shall call you meshallie then!!!


pfft what a beautiful grand entrance laugh hey there!!!


I joined Wattpad a few months ago so I remember the feeling. If you have any questions you can ask me!


i would love it if u could check out my story. but yeah, teen fiction is honestly my life! people often complain about cliche stories but they can be so much fun to read. The good-girl bad-boy relationship is so entertaining


awee thank you so much! i’ll take that into memory xDDDddD


AHHA i like it, but surprisingly a lot of people say something close to that, but they spell it like meshelly with an E


Of course!


sure!!! and yep yep definitely on point there hehe i like reading cliche stories, but not when the entire book has too many overused cliche plots that i would feel like i’m reading something i’ve already read haha yep it is entertaining!!


:joy: welp meshelly is cutee too but i like my version best! what kind of things do you like?


as a token of gratitude, ima follow all of you guys! thank you for chatting with me!!!