i just joined wattpad. wanna be my first group of friendos?


I just read that u like jdramas! Kdramas/jdramas are honestly my life. They’re so cute


I too am new to Wattpad! I have no idea what I’m doing but I uploaded my first book today and kind of excited…but still lost! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


:joy: i like that too. i like to cook, watch tv shows or YouTube, read, go out and hang with friends…i cant think of anything else!
what about you


Welcome! I joined a few months ago. How are you?


I’m great! How about yourself?


u uploaded ur first book? Thats so amazing! Whats ur book about?


I’m good thanks!


surely sounds like the things i’d do in a lazy day hehe i mostly like to write, draw, and play volleyball in my free time but i watch asian dramas too hehe xDDDdd


Not my first book written, but my first for Wattpad! It’s about an all-woman paranormal investigating team that are in search of more than ghosts…it’s a romance novel. The 1st book in the series.


hi there!!! i can def relate lmao. i’ve actually joined wattpad three years ago, but now that i returned, it felt like a whole new community to me hehe what’s your name?


wow seems interesting! I’ll definitely check it out later.


How do you follow people through the community page?


Its getting late, so i have to go to sleep. Ill talk to you guys later tho


that’s what confused me a bit too hehe but i just went back to wattpad’s homepage and searched for the usernames bcs you can’t follow ppl in this site xD


suree goodnight and i’ll ask you for your name tomorrow! baii


Ahhh…thanks! I feel so lost here lol I don’t even know if I’m replying to the right comments hahaha! If I miss something, I hope folks don’t think I’m ignoring them. Still figuring all this out!


Yup unfortunately you can’t follow people here, you have to go to the main site. Some people link their accounts in the “website” part of their bio so it’s easier to access.

I’m Elaine by the way, hi!


Yeah you have to go to The homepage to follow people


aweee so cute! don’t worryy we gotchu :333


ooo that’s a nice tip! your entrance was so smooth lmao hey there! i’m cams >3