i just joined wattpad. wanna be my first group of friendos?


Sorry, I disappeared suddenly…
You can call me Ummu. What’s yours?


oooo nicee!! yeah today is a lazy day for me


I’m Angel, nice to meet you!


no problemo!!! okiee i’ll call you ummu! mine’s cams!


I finished my jar of Nutella yesterday :sob:
Life is so sad.


Nice to meet you Cams.


Haha yup, that’s me. You’re welcome, lemme know if you have other questions.

Nice to meet you!


Hello Angel!
I love your name.


heh lazy days are nice, but not when you become so lazy all throughout the week that you just don’t do any work hehe i’m currently struggling through that…pray for me haha


nice to meet you too! what are your hobbies? xDDdD


i’ll surely do! nice to meet you too XD


Heyyy, fellow U.S Resident!




thank you!


lool same, i wake up so late and i become so lazy. This is not good bc i have school starting in 2 weeks
Pray for me toooo!


HALO, other humans. I am an Allister. I like saying deep things reading writing and dancing. I also enjoy obnoxiously loud and bad singing. I’m a social introvert who is currently dying on the inside and honestly that’s okay


Nothing. Except for the fact that I have loads of homework and I’m too lazy to go do it.


life and depression. Oh and food


hahaha lucky for me my winter break doesn’t end until next month! so i can procrastinate for a longer time than needed hehehe


Oh I hear ya.