i just joined wattpad. wanna be my first group of friendos?


hey there Allister! hehe such an interesting introduction :33 my name’s Cams!


awww lucky, what grade are you in?


haha. I’m just really bored, so why not talk to complete strangers. You guys are human right?? Who’s working for the government


Sup, Cam. Yep, I’m an interesting person. Just like to dive right in.


i totally relate to you, although i’m not a complete introvert. there are just some days where i feel like i don’t want to talk to anyone, and yeah… heh


Question…are you a book attic? :expressionless:


Woah that’s a lot to answer right there.

Yes, i find myself in that same thought process for a good part of my conversations here.

Yes, I am a real person, although sometimes i feel like I am not.

No. I do not work for the government, the government works for me (jk)


i’m in my freshman year of high-school! you?


Well im from Australia, so we have 7 to 12 and this yr I’m in yr 12


human. yes. working for the fbi? maybe bwahaha. book addict. no, i’m a book attic wink wink


so you’re in your last year of highschool??? omg is shook


Glad we’re all on the same level here. So how’s everyone’s day been. I have managed to kill a person and start a zombie apocalypse, but that’s normal stuff






woow cool stuff :3


hey there wonderful person! i’m cams!!


What’s up?


yep. just your ordinary day…


Hii, I’m Raven or Matt, whichever works. How are you?


nothing much actually. trying to catch my drift and sail away. I’m a pretty chill person, but I’m not a hippie. You work for the government? (it’s always nice to ask…)