i just joined wattpad. wanna be my first group of friendos?


Nope, I’m barely out of school. Don’t even have a job at the moment


lol. so are you a writer?? or a reader?? or both? ya know both is better>>>i cringed also


ima call you raven then! and to answer your question, i’m great since i’ve got to chat with you guys today :333


I’m both, but I’m concentrating mostly on writing at the moment. What about you?


HAHAHA yeah and im glad school is going to be the death of me


That’s good. I’m not too bad, I just finished a novel so I’ve come over here to relax and chat for a bit


i don’t know. I mean as a beginner writer(i’ve been on here a good 8-9 months) I’ve been trying to focus on my writing and I haven’t found a book on here that im really inspired by. So I guess I’ll have to lean towards writing though I have been reading a lot of Cassandra Clare. Any good genres your passionate about


Well, good luck with it. I hope you find something to inspire you.
I mostly write fantasy and science fiction, I love it


yea, i fell ya. just the joy of it and the thrilling adventures you can go on. honestly, those appeal to me also. Great authors or books??(you recommend)


Anything by Brandon Sanderson is pretty good. I recently read the Six of Crows Duology by Leigh Bardugo and it was amazing. If you like Cassandra Clare you’d probably like that


totally, I was also thinking about checking out whoever wrote a court of thorns and roses. any comments on that one.


I haven’t read those yet, but I’ve been meaning to get around to it. I’ve heard they’re pretty good


yea, same. anyway, this was cool and all, but as the wind calls my name, I am pulled forward by curiosity that will surely get me killed. And as I travel the journey, up the mountains and beyond the see, I will be searching for you soon. lol

(translation:PEACE!!! :v:)


lmao. See ya, have fun with that :3




Ooh! I love c-dramas and K-dramas!

I also draw, haha.

I am also a sucker for the rom-coms.


omg!!! we have so much in common-- are you my soulmate – the name’s cams btw. what got you into asian dramas?


Ooh! Call me Rei!

You prolly are my soulmate~!

Well, I am half Asian. It kinda runs in me, haha.

I’m usually just into heavy character based stories.


rei!!! such a cool name :33 and ahaha, welp i have complete asian blood in me so i can partly relate, and yeah!!! the heavy-character-based stories are so true in my part. there’s just something in them that makes it addicting to watch ehehe



I find it cute when character foil each other, whenever I write books, people tell me it feels like an Asian Drama with Western elements, haha.

I really love Asian dramas!

What’s your favorite drama?