i just joined wattpad. wanna be my first group of friendos?


Whew, I’m a little delayed!

Welcome to wattpad!


ooo your books sound so interesting!!! and my favorite dramas hmm. well recently, i’ve been obsessed with When We Were Young, and My ID is Gangnam Beauty. I just really love its plots, and i’m so sad not one of it has a season two >.<


haha you’re not delayed at all! hi there wonderful person :33 thank you so much, and the name’s cams btw!


Ahhh! Alrighty!

Imma add you to my Wattpad!

Those sounds like really cool dramas. Recently, I have been watching Love 020 and Guardian. I’m waiting for a new Chinese drama that’s coming up this year called “The Untamed.” It’s based off a web novel, and the characters are so loveable!


ooo thanks hehe and i’ve heard of love 020 before! i might check it out, and hmm i didn’t know of the untamed, but seeing as we both have a lot in common, i might like it!!! thank chuu for the suggestion!!!

for me, i don’t have any watchlists atm since i’m currently staying away from dramas bcs i know i might get too addicted haha






Omg , kdrama!!! I OBSESS over them!!! :heart:




omg hai!!! new friendos!!! @srxxya04 and @ihateurnamelol


i feel you bud hehe pats why do you like kdramas?


Heyy! I’m kinda new here too so I guess I can relate, wait r u still new now dho?


Lol, cuz it’s kdrama uugghh its so interesting


i’m kind of in the middle between new and old member since i did join wattpad before, but ehehe anyways i feel you!!! it def is interesting:333


Wattpad keeps changing and it’s quite confusing, but once you get used to it it is actually rly fun.


So, any kdramas to recommend hehe


yep yep i do hope wattpad stays the same as it is now tho — kdramas? hmmm i’d recommed My ID is Gangnam Beauty for sure! if you want to watch c-dramas, then i’d totally suggest for you to watch Hou Ming Hao’s dramas!!


Kk, I’ve heard of GB before so I’ll check that out! The cdramas I’ll see aswell. :heart: have you seen goblin yet dho??


Me too, haha.

I am easily distracted, but I do occasionally try to watch them once in a while. Writing and school has been taking a lot of my time lately, haha.


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My passion is writing my PTSD and trauma inspired novels.