i just joined wattpad. wanna be my first group of friendos?


hi! I just joined wattpad not even a week ago, and i’m new here. i’m currently writing a fantasy novel, but i’m going to be writing a horror novella and a mystery/adventure/coming-of-age novel :slight_smile:


Hello! I am known as the girl who’s obsessed with oreganos, and I am fairly known for angst and sarcasm! How are you doing?


Oooh! I love adventure and mysteries, you should send that to me!

I most write fantasy-drama and adventure, but I am into a lot of things.


@srxxya04 goblin!!! it had been one of my faves when i watched it! but i did stop halfway through because of studies >.< i’'d want to resume watching it tho!!!
@Fallintsel same!!! it can get pretty addicting sometimes, and so i try to limit myself lmao
@bidiyakdamian omg hi there!!! a pleasure to meet you! my name’s cams, but you can call me anything hehe
@mtthwcrlsn new friendo! welcome to this thread (and wattpad as well) lovely meeting you! and ooo you write fantasy novels?


Omg I finished it and it is amazing!!¡! Watching the rest is TOTALLY worth it, I encourage you!!!


Hey girl I got you, let’s be friends.


Heya everyone else that joined :wave:


Hello, hello! Nice to meet you!


nice meeting you too! and i do write fantasy novels (well, currently only one, although I plan on it being part of a series) :slight_smile:


yess i need that encouragement… but i’d probably watch it once my winter break ends, since my life’s been a mess again and sigh … anyways, how many kdramas have you watched?


Well, I was only introduced to to like last year and tbh it CHANGED my life, I’ve seen a few, wbu?


Hoi :heart:


(before I say anything, may i add that your username seem oddly familiar) omg hai there! well, there’s plenty of space in my heart for more friends (since im a shallow person, and i have no friends ehehe) my name’s cams!


So you like Asian dramas too?

What’s your favorite Kdrama? :smiley:


Am I a complete whack-job?
Because I am currently developing a dystopian sci-fi that has DEATH written all over it.


Ahh I’ve been around for almost 7 years so you might have seen me around if you were here before <3 My name is Brittani


you must keep at it! if it’s what you like doing, then you should keep on doing it! do you have any other passions, except for writing?


pfft definitely not. i know some who write novels which are way more extreme than that xD wink


Rn I’m watching pinnochio, ik it’s quite old but it is nice. My all time favourite is goblin dho


Thank you.