i just joined wattpad. wanna be my first group of friendos?


yep I think that might be the case lmao you have a beautiful name!
what are the things you like to do, Brittani? (I somehow wanna call you Brit for short)


i sing and act! i also do a bit of drawing/graphic design on the side


(I prefer Britt if you do shorten it XD I dont know why having only 1 t bothers me XD) Thank you very much. I like to write, and play with my dog. I also love a lot of outdoor activities, I’m currently working on writing chapter 12 of my book. XD What about you?


omg!!! you sing and draw? that’s so cool, since that’s what i do in my free time too! what made you like doing those two things? <3


Gtg guyss check out my story too dho :heart:


i sang ever since i was little. i just really enjoyed doing it ever since i was like… 5? i started drawing through graphic design, but recently i’ve gotten into more realistic drawings. how about you?


just like how having no s in cams irks me haha i feel you on that one. ooo i can see that you’re more of an outdoor person haha i’m totally the opposite, but i do play volleyball too xD
do you play any sports?
hmm as for me, i’m currently in the process of figuring out the purpose of my existence, not gonna lie ahah jk i’m writing some stuff too hehe


baii!! i had so much fun talking to you xDDdDdddD


No I actually never played sports growing up or while I was in school. Never got in to it much. I like having an open schedule.


are you a soprano or tenor? and as for me, i started to like singing because that’s practically the tradition of my school ehehe and my family like to sing too so xDDDdd and for drawing, ig the passion of it just grew ever since i was a child.
ooo i’d want to see some of your graphic designs!!!


ohhh i could relate on having an open schedule though, since going to practices and joining games could be exhausting at times.
now that you mentioned it. omg— are you in college??? wOW!


I’m not in college actually. I turn 21 January 14th. (Monday) and I decided to get married young instead of going to college, so I’m currently working on getting my real estate license so I can sell houses.


My friends have been making me watch goblin. I really need to check that out!

By the way, is your username the same as your Wattpad? I really like you!


wow O-O i can tell you’re so mature xDDd and your birthday is just two days away! (from where I live, at least) happy birthday in advance!!! hope you’d have a wonderful year ahead of you xD


I sing too, haha.

Well, I actually work as voice over.

I can’t really tell if I am a soprano or alto. I’m usually on the low range though.


Ooh! Happy early birthday to you!




Thank you so much. It’s three days for me but still close enough haha. I’m really excited for it.


voice-over?? that’s so awesome! but, i wouldn’t imagine myself doing it because i hate my speaking voice lmao. as for me, i identify myself as a soprano, but others say i can do low notes better than high notes so yep that explains my life ehehe


Thank you so much <3