I Know What You Did, Kaleth and Grecious


:eye: the void always knew :eye:

We’re gathered here today to put @SirGrecious and @KalethAnaton on trial, for their crimes against humanity. Gentlemen, ladies, pals of various identities, it’s time to play judge, jury, and executioner.

@edoggypaws @Bemythyst @EverestNeverlynn @Chewton @berryhonest @TheTrueTerrydactyl @the_jeIIy @CatharsisKingdom @theEnigmaticPrince @cynically @CharaLiha @MisterRabbit @Sashetha @shadowsettle @literallysarcasm @Osthaller @be_butterfly @RuggedEdge @Scienceontheweekdays @flyinghomo @Beautifully-mixed @Tobi_yeeterson @JJJ000YYY @Hi_ImLex @melodiccnightowl @spookyrish @jinnis @ThisisLawliet123 @castlequeen2004 @BIoomedWiIted … This looks too short.
Tag those I missed. Good riddance. I’m out.


???: Yeah, me too.

Who’s Grecious and Kaleth and why should they be punished?: Check tags above or read starting here for the full context.

No, but seriously, what is this?: It’s a chat thread. Come waste time with us.




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