I Know What You Did, Kaleth and Grecious




That’s not what I meant, but you’re right. I guess I should have specified more.

English isn’t my first language, and there’s some things that I don’t exactly understand or I have trouble with. For example, popular sayings that people use, or wording something so it can make sense. I mispronounce a lot of things too, or I use words that end up meaning a completely different thing. These types of things end up making me feel insecure and quite embarrassed, to the point where I feel quite stupid for not knowing or understanding something so simple.

Please, don’t make any accusations about me so quickly. And I apologize for the misunderstanding. That’s not what I meant at all.


Obviously it meant that you’re insecure about this which is why I pointed out that it’s not a big deal.

Anyway, I was being sarcastic earlier so just nevermind that.


The comment was very hurtful, to be completely honest with you.

I wouldn’t have known you were being sarcastic.


I was being sarcastic when I called myself stupid.


She meant the “That really speaks a lot about you” part.


Maybe you should rethink your definition of sarcasm. I’m reading this and it doesn’t sound very sarcastic. A comment like this is pretty hurtful.


That’s not the comment I was referring to, but alright. I understand.


Nope. I’m very public about my role in the cult. If the police find out…well, they’ll regret it.


I wasn’t aware that your mother tongue is different. So far I’ve seen you type properly, so when you refused to answer my question, and assumed I couldn’t ‘understand’ the language, I just went along with a sarcastic comment. Anyway, the part about the whole inferiority complex because of not understanding English, well again, I didn’t know you weren’t a native. Either way, when people view it as something embarrassing, it pisses me off.


Kindly just reread my comments before declaring your opinion.


Oh god, I know. I can read. xD


What question? “Huh?” Is not a question. It is a thing you say when you don’t exactly understand something. But then again you never clarified what you didn’t understand, so I didn’t know how to answer your “question”.

And it shouldn’t piss you off. It’s logic. Haven’t you been embarrassed when you’re the only one in your group who doesn’t understand something?

If anything, that comment was more hurtful than it was sarcastic. And you were quick to judge, as well. Never be quick to judge.


I did. I apologize if I came off as aggressive, but the tone of that conversation was pretty playful. The comment I quoted wasn’t.


Lol yeah that ‘huh’ meant I didn’t understand, as in I didn’t know why you were welcoming me. Why would I think about anyone not understanding English in a thread where that’s what everyone has been conversing in? If that was the case, I’d have asked you to explain.

I’m not going to apologise for having an opinion. I’ve come across a lot of people that think it’s embarrassing, and I don’t look down upon them for it, and they shouldn’t either. You shouldn’t either.

Anyway, you’re kind of mixing up what I was saying. But ok.


I’m aware. And it’s okay.


Are we clear now because I have to go to the hospital


I don’t even understand what you’re saying. I’m trying my best to.

Also, this? Where did this even come from? I never said any of that. For someone who’s saying that I’m misinterpreting everything you’re saying, it seems like you tend to misinterpret a lot of things.

I was explaining my thoughts behind that “it’s okay I don’t know English either” comment I made. I wasn’t blaming you for not putting that in consideration. Because, you’re right, why would you?


No. We are not clear.

But this conversation is over. Goodbye and have a good trip to the hospital.


Okaaaay then. Bye.