I Know What You Did, Kaleth and Grecious






GABS! I’m in class. I have to use emoji-speak.



You’re not helping.


It’s okay! I will wait for you. When do you want me here?


Neither are you. You’re making an issue out of nothing.


XD I’ll be done in 20 minutes.


I wasn’t. She was. But okay.


I’m leaving anyway. Bye.


Hello everyone. Just dropped in to say hi.
And, WOAH!!! 11 notifications?
Bye everyone.
See y’all on Sunday I guess.


oh uh



It’s my BIRTHDAY! Yay me!

And y’all aren’t even active :cry:


happy birthday~


Thank you! :blush:
How’re you?


I’m tired.

you? how’s your day?


Why? Work again?
It’s been good so far… I had like a panic attack in front of a bunch of strangers :sleepy:


yeah cx

oof what triggers it?


Ah. You’re always working. It sounds stressful.
My dad had this speech thing and at the end he was like ‘happy birthday to you!!!’ in front of a bunch of strangers and they all turned to look at me, smiling, and then they started singing Happy Birthday and that kinda triggered the meltdown. I don’t do so well in front of lots of people.

Sorry for the sob story oof. I’m fine now.


I know XD am an adult, what to do right XD

omg I’m sorry. I can sorta relate to that because I hate being in a crowd or crowded place. I’m scared of hoomans, not really but yeah they stressed me out a lot.

hugs I hope you feel better soon


Sorry for the late reply, but thank you! I’m already feeling much better. Plus, cake.

And also, ugh, adulthood. How are taxes? Do you do them?