I legit want to go to Canada

Well hello there, Texan- how are you doing?

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I feel like I just lost my soul because I found some info out that I was sure I knew because I’m such a nerd but I’m not a fucking nerd and I wanna die now. Thanks

How about yourself?

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Dude, it is not a big deal. Think of it this way, you are now an even greater nerd because now you know the truth.

Being a nerd is not a bad thing, mate

Eh, just another casual day XD

Considering doing a year (or term) in Canada during my studies:

  • Montreal
  • Calgary
  • British Columbia (Victoria or Vancouver)

Where would you (Canadians or otherwise) suggest?

Vancouver. Better weather. Victoria is isolated by ferry.

Vancouver is at the top of my list.

Any other reasons (as to favour Vancouver)?

Anywhere. But probably Ontario for it’s cold weather

To visit, I’d love to see Toronto and Vancouver. Their cities look amazing!

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I haven’t been there in 30 years, but I hear it has a great art scene.

Woah, didn’t realize you were that old buddy:0

But hey, you’re not officially “old” until you’re 70 :shushing_face:

hm… have you ever had a burger from A&W (it’s a fast food chain in Canada but I hear there are a select few locations in the states)?

I have not-- but I have seen the restaurant here and there a few times actually. There’s a few of them scattered about

Have you tried a burger from Smash Burger or Red Robins?
I’m not sure if you guys have that over there

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I’ve seen a few red robins around the greater Vancouver area but I can’t remember the last time I ate anything from there.

Smash burger, I’ve never heard of…

I usually just eat some rice at home.

Ironically I just got done eating rice XD

Well, what meals do you usually like?

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It’s a bit of a running joke I have at work…

I cook a lot of noodles (mostly ramen) if I’m not eating rice but I also like to make korean street toast and okonomiyaki.

Haha, noodles are always the best, no?

May I ask, what is okonomiyaki?

a savoury cabbage pancake; it’s really easy to make.

Oooo, sounds delicious! Well, I just might try making it myself~

How are you doing? How’s the weather like in Canada today?

hm… you should~

sunny, 19°C

It’s in the 60s? 60 or 70 degrees?

If you’d like- feel free to link a recipe :smile: