I m Bored. Can someone suggest some good books? (Closed to catch up with the books)


Hi guys,

I joined wattpad somewhere in mid 2016 and I have completed reading 800+ books ranging from chick-flicks to werewolfs and vampires. Though i must tell you i am a bit partial to the werewolf genre. I am looking forward to read some hidden gems.

So if you have a good completed book of the following genres please do let me know.

  1. Werewolf (because its BAE)
  2. Vampire
  3. Chick flicks
  4. Sci-fi
  5. Angels and demons
  6. High school drama/ college drama


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There’s some book called diary of a wimpy werewolf i think you should like that…

Any chance for poetry? lol



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Given that you’re so versed on vampire/werewolf, I think you might like one I finished a couple of years ago. beware, it’s kinda old hehe but I remember it to be quite good. it’s called Alive:


It’s a fanfic BUT YOU DONT NEED TO BE IN THE FANDOM cause it’s very au. I promise it’s not cliche (i tried not to be)

check it out? i hope you like it


You might really like my Blood Type R story! It’s werewolf and lots of fans are really into how it’s different from most stories on Wattpad, but in a good way


Humans are nearly extinct by 2043 due to vampires and lycans who have conquered. Humans, however, do what they usually do - they find a way to fight back.

Cora Gabris is a mere mortal living in her village ruled by witches when she is taken from her home. It’s discovered that she has a rare blood type useful to lycans - an evolution of werewolves.

The Matriarchs of the lycan culture have noted that human hunters are gathering steam at uncomfortable rate. They fear falling back under the human control and so they become desperate.

Once presented to the Alpha of Reiger, it is decided that they need Cora to realize the potential of her blood by becoming one of them. The Matriarchs demand she find a mate, so he may harness the power of her blood.

All she wants to do is return home, but covert pressures change everything. Her life no longer matters as an enemy has placed her brother in danger.

She must shed her humanity, or she will fail. She must succeed, or the lycans will lose.

She must convince the Alpha that she wants him for a mate, or her brother will die.

Oops. I just saw the completeled part of your request. I’m sorry! I still haven’t had my coffee yet :weary:

It’s 24 chapters in and has ten more to go for completion and gets regular updates, so it might be good to save away for later!


It is nearly finished, and it is the best read I saw on WP in terms of keeping me on the edge of my seat. An absolutely stellar read.

@ellehcelliab The Ants That Carried Us

I have a couple of finished books, though I am appending book 2 to the end of one of them, Crimson Qi. And, well, they are niche. Very niche, like Crimson Qi is an Asian fantasy and She Kills Elephants and Men is a matriarchal society romance with a crazy mix of Italy and India background.



Just noticed you’re asking for completed works, but if you’re really bored I’d love you to check out my new ongoing story “All”! It’s a romance between two music students that’s going to be filled with secrets, lies, lust, and possibly the ultimate… love. Hope you like it! x



All [adverb]; completely, without exception.

When 18-year-old Abi meets Noah, a moody but disarming musician, she soon discovers his tough exterior is hiding more than just the tattoos that mark his skin.

Thrown into a world of secrets, emotions and sexual discovery, will their love/hate relationship ever become more than a confusing game of cat and mouse? As the walls become to crumble between them, can Abi and Noah’s love survive the impact?


Check my profile and you will see my reading lists. I love reading series so…check those stories out. They are all unique stories. If you won’t have time to check my profile , I will just state here.

Check my own story too. I just started Earthenia, so I hope to have your support. Thank you guys…

So…here it is.

  1. The Everard Family Series by @greenwriter
    #1 To Bewitch a Beast
    #2 Charmer Beguiled
    #3 Sleeping Engagement
    #4 A Lady’s Guide to Courtship
    #5 His Lady in Breeches
    #6 Remember Then
    #7 Masterful Trickery

  2. The Haverston Family Series by @greenwriter
    #1 The Lady Who Left
    #2 The Lady Who Stayed
    #3 The Lady Who Sinned

  3. Celeste Academy Series by @mylovelywriter
    #1 Knight
    #2 Legend
    #3 Orison
    #4 Warsong
    #5 Cosmos

  4. Storm and Silence series by @robthier
    #1 Storm and Silence
    #2 In the Eye of the Storm
    #3 Silence is Golden
    #4 Silence Breaking
    #5 Hunting in Silence

  5. Bullied Series by @ViraMicic
    #1 Bullied
    #2 Pained
    #3 Damaged

  6. Trinity Series by @youXfoundXme
    #1 Trinity High
    #2 The Trinity of Magic
    #3 The Trinity War

  7. Billionaire Series by Ninya Tipett
    #1 Virtue and Vice
    #2 Fleeting and Forever
    #3 Rush and Restraint

  8. Convergence Series by @JMRiddles
    #1 Torn Apart
    #2 Blood Bound


Dark Romance // Mystery/thriller // Historical // LGBT // Novel // Completed

Fleeing from tragedy, Meya travels east in the hope of finding a better life. Instead, she's captured by a slave trader and sold to Lord Deminas, patron of the local lands. Known for his cruelty, she dreads having to work as his chambermaid. Yet, when he drinks her blood, he uses his own to heal her wounds. All the previous chambermaids have disappeared and Meya fears, will her fate be the same? Or is Lord Deminas playing a different game with her?


I have a paranormal romance on Wattpad. It’s not vampires and werewolves but jinn in it.


I have a story about a hybrid (vampire and werewolf) if you’d be interested in that. It also has romance.

“Most gods throw dice, but fate plays chess, and you don’t find out until its too late that he’s been playing with two queens all along.” - Terry Pratchett

Addeline, a feisty and free-spirited peasant lives in a complicated world. A world where vampires rule in every realm and humans are forced to live in separate fractions. One night she venters into town to try and steal some food and gets captured by the one and only King, Damien. Their lives become intertwine and no matter how much she hates the man she finds herself falling for him at the same time. Will this love blossom into something memorable? Or will she stick to her human prejudice ways and hate him for the rest of her life?


I have a vampire romance, it has been recently completed. It is mature for violence and some sexuality, just so you are aware.


“You seem to be aware of your surroundings.” I heard the voice behind me. I turned my head, instantly recognizing him. His thick British accent wasn’t that hard to miss. I had to admit that his voice was very sexy, just like the rest of him.

I narrowed my eyes, “why the hell am I here?”

“Oh, you mean you don’t remember falling in the showers and getting a concussion? You’re lucky it wasn’t worse. No blood, nothing else.” He looked irritated by my existence, and it made me want to slap him.

I looked down at my attire, turning deep red when I realized it was only a towel. Why was I embarrassed? At least he didn’t see anything, right? Besides, it covered the parts that needed it.

I stayed in my spot, on his bed. It was the only bed in this room. It gave away the obvious fact that he didn’t have a roommate. A part of me was thankful for that. I didn’t need an extra set of eyes seeing me in such a state. This man before me had already become my worst enemy in a matter of hours yesterday, and I had to face my embarrassment, knowing my enemy has seen me in a vulnerable situation. It didn’t look good on my part.

A new guy named Robbie transfers into Mya’s school with an air of mystery around him, a mystery involving a murder at his old school. Mya just wants to focus on her school work. Robbie just wants to forget his past. The relationship between the two is a complicated one. They cannot stay away from each other. The result? They will never be able to look at their world in the same way again.

Rating: R (for sexuality and violence)

I would post a link but I’m on mobile so it won’t work.


I have a story under Sci-fi category! :smiley:

Blue V- The Man With No Face!
“The whole World was watching, an extraordinary event took place of a scale so large that no person or machine could fathom! A single human with no weapons defeated more than 10,000 officers of Special force unit, hacked all the space stations of earth and did the impossible all by himself. He was faceless and headless… No one knows who he was or where he came from! All we could know or see was the letter ‘V’. From there onwards, the whole universe called him the Blue Vice”

Blue Vice is a trilogy of 3 books- Distant Oblivion, Malevolence, and Balance. The story takes place in a fictional universe which is 2100+ years into future! Most of the story revolves around the Bezereth family which rules the Kingdom of Bezereck and depicts their daily life, character development and tragedies which they have to overcome. And it is told from 3 perspectives:- Charles who wants all of the knowledge of the universe and become immortal, Nathan who wants to take revenge against Bezereth for destroying his life and peace, Dwain who is an empty character with many psychological problems who wants to find his true self and know what it exactly means to be living. All three of them go through hardships, take many wrong decisions and lose everything in life… will they ever get the salvation they seek? Will they ever achieve the goals they set? Will they finally understand their true potential and look at the Big picture!

It’s rated Mature.
I update it daily.
I hope that you love it~
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Check out this original Science Fiction about an American of Nigerian descent. It’s mainly set in Nigeria and it is unlike anything you’ve read. Click picture for link to story

Give a bullied teenager powers like Joshua has and find out what is possible if matter can be manipulated to the sub-atomic.



I have some HS/college drama, but neither are completed.


I think you might like reading my book; it’s an Epic Fantasy novel (if you enjoy reading it, feel free to keep on reading!)

Short Summary: After her adopted younger brother is kidnapped by the minions of a mad sorcerer, a young woman must journey through a magical realm in order to rescue him.
Link: https://www.wattpad.com/659085416-the-legend-of-the-moonflower-princess-where-the


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Poetry is something i haven’t touched since high school :grin:

Would it be possible for you to share the link of the book? I did search for it but ended up finding many versions of diary of a wimpy kid… :slightly_frowning_face: